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runitwice commented on Health, Poker, and Muay Thai
bmpek, you obviously haven't seen Roy lately, the dudes in ridiculous shape. I saw him at borgata a few weeks ago and I would love to watch him give Danny boy a beat down.
Oct 27, 2010
runitwice commented on Congrats to Gavin, Call Child Services!
Seems like a solid point of view. I heard the fishing boat that came to her rescue lost a week of work. How many of us want to give up a weeks pay? I'm sure those fisherman were happy to help but it cost them. ...
Jun 28, 2010
runitwice commented on Poker Shades & Where To Get Them
Who is the pro with the stripper girlfriend, and more importantly who is the stripper!
May 13, 2010
runitwice commented on Poker Shades & Where To Get Them
I love it, they look like great sunglasses. Hey didn't DN wear sunglasses on his first couple of HSP appearances?
May 12, 2010
runitwice commented on Sunglasses and Poker----Really?
Roy, I really agree with your veiled Negreanu references. I'm tired of Negreanu making rules for the rest of us to follow. He may have done great in 2004 but hearing about how he's spending his life trying to break 80 on the golf course. ...
May 10, 2010
runitwice commented on Matusow Busts Negreanu Twice on High Stakes Poker
Once upon a time Daniel was a great player, now he's just an angle shooting has been. When you watch HSP you realize there must be a poker god who is tipping the scales back towards even.
Apr 26, 2010
runitwice commented on Health & Poker; Lifestyle Choices
seamarfan269, I like the way you think. I like Roy's varied content, although I wonder if he has lost faith in the Obama administration. Still better to try and see the good in people and hope for the best, although I guess that begets a ...
Apr 24, 2010
runitwice commented on WPT Celebrity Invitation, Matt Glantz Slow Rolls Tiffany Michelle
great blog Roy, sounds like a great event. Tiff seems like she's got a long way to go.
Feb 24, 2010
runitwice commented on What's Next
You two have a lot of anger issues. Pretty pathetic really. Roy is one of the good guys in poker.
Feb 09, 2010
runitwice commented on Kelly Kim, Paul Taylor, Borgata, and my new dog Paxton
What a bunch of losers, seamarfan, my hemmies and rocketaces, what have you ever done but insult. I have enjoyed reading these blogs over the past 2 years, I don't agree with all but the content is good. I also have sat at a table ...
Jan 14, 2010
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