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KingaDimuns commented on The Promised Land
Sounds like you did well in California. Any totals for the trip? I used to play there a lot. Did you by chance stop at Golden West Casino in Bakersfield?
Feb 27, 2013
KingaDimuns commented on Dusty Schmidt: This Is My Brain, This Is My Brain On Poker
Wasn't sure what to believe after reading this. But now that mikey and IP have stated that it's nonsense, I'm inclined to believe Dusty. @pokercubicle, +1. Pretty much what i thought too.
Feb 19, 2013
KingaDimuns commented on Phil Hellmuth Wins 13th Bracelet In World Series Of Poker Europe Main Event
This is seriously awesome. I'm actually happy for the guy. Congrats to Phil!
Oct 04, 2012
KingaDimuns commented on Shove or call?
+1. I think all you'd be doing is giving him a chance to fit or fold. Although i once read an article by Sklansky, which addressed the same question, and he made a case for waiting til the flop to shove, but it required a ...
Sep 11, 2012
KingaDimuns commented on Hiatus Explained
First off,I enjoy your blog. I always check to see if you've written a new one. I like the pro blogs, but I like yours and the other non-big-name-pro better. I think it's because i feel like there I can relate more to it. Anyway, ...
Sep 11, 2012
KingaDimuns commented on Police Raid Hawaii Poker Home Game
+1 WPS. Mikey seems like the guy who tried to play poker, could not win at it, and decided it's all luck. And i agree that raiding a home game and throwing everyone in jail is just ridiculous. I'm willing to bet that the main ...
Aug 29, 2012
KingaDimuns commented on An Epic Short Story
This is, of course, speculation. but FWIW it could be that the league was trying to build a brand. It's possible that with the recent developments in online poker possibly becoming legal that they were trying to create a name for themselves so that they ...
May 03, 2012
KingaDimuns commented on Trial Date Set in Tobey Maguire Poker Lawsuit
If Tobey has to pay back the money, then doesn't that put the people who were screwed out of it on a freeroll? if this guy had won, then the people he borrowed from would be getting the return on their investment. (provided the "investor" ...
Aug 11, 2011
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