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MDaBoy14 commented on Dan 'jungleman12' Cates Denied Entry into Canada
obviously you suck at poker and are envious he makes 20x more than you living in his parents basement than you do in your POS house working 40 hours a week.
Aug 03, 2011
MDaBoy14 commented on Meet The November Nine -- John Racener
ship it
Jul 27, 2010
MDaBoy14 commented on Poker Strategy -- Jonathan Duhamel Analyzes Key WSOP Double-Up
You dont make it to 9 million chips in a one week tourny by getting lucky in one hand. Sweet he won a pot with 5,4. He thought the button was bluffing, he raised trying to pick up some easy chips he gets a good ...
Jul 27, 2010
MDaBoy14 commented on World Series of Poker -- Scott Montgomery Wins Event No. 36
I'm sure all of you are million dollar poker players. They told us about 3 hands. Sure on the first one he was way behind preflop but the fact he made a final table in such a big field and FT'ed the main event shows ...
Jun 24, 2010
MDaBoy14 commented on Joe Cada Faces Darvin Moon For WSOP Main-Event Title
Cada is a professional. He's had 6 figure pay-days, he plays online heads up for tens of thousands daily. The only reason he's unknown is because he's 21 and this is his first WSOP. He cashed 3 times and your all telling me he's a ...
Nov 09, 2009
MDaBoy14 commented on The Kid and the Logger Battle for World Series of Poker Title
maxima your an idiot. Cada is a pro poker player.He's had 6 figure cashes before. He plays heads up for tens of thousands daily. But yeah he sucks out twice, which any poker has done before, but he's a donk. He was the chip leader ...
Nov 09, 2009
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