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Thajokeman commented on Scotty Nguyen Talks About Colluding In Cash Games, Why He Thinks Many Young Poker Players Disrespect The Game
Depending on the food, Scotty Is dead on about the food, anything that takes 2 hands to eat going back and forth to your cards, it's disgusting, if you can't wait 2 hours you have a problem.
Jun 24, 2014
Thajokeman commented on Video Shows Man Being Attacked By Police After Leaving Atlantic City Casino
To be honest this video really isn't that bad until the end. A guy getting jumped by 4 cops, ok he gets a couple punches to the head and body and then a bunch of knees to the body (probably rightfully so since he was ...
Oct 04, 2013
Thajokeman commented on World Series Of Poker: Mike Sowers Explains 'Craziest Hand I've Played, Maybe Ever' That Resulted In His Elimination And Dealer Firing
Let's see if we can figure this out.... if he didn't shuffle the deck. The 9876 board all hearts, the dealer could of been expecting the 5 of hearts to come off next hence saying bad beat. Although if he didn't shuffle the deck there ...
Jun 20, 2013
Thajokeman commented on Poker Strategy -- Jonathan Duhamel Analyzes Key WSOP Double-Up
2 or 3 outer? You know after the flop it's a coinflip right? Change your sn to voiceofmorons and criqtique the person who lost the hand from the beginning, Pisano.
Jul 27, 2010
Thajokeman commented on The Kid and the Logger Battle for World Series of Poker Title
I'm getting sick of all these morons who are calling everyone at the tables donks, i guess since Ivey made the final table he's a lucky donk too. Don't forget how many bad beats he put on people through out those 8 days. If you ...
Nov 09, 2009
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