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CPPT VI - Choctaw Casino Resort

$1,100 No-Limit Hold'em $1 Million GTD


Level 8

Blinds are up to 250-500 with an ante of 75 for level 8.


Poker Screen Names

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TandG21 commented on Court Battle Unfolds Over Cards Used By Poker Legend Phil Ivey In Baccarat Sessions
as soon as a person has the edge over the casino the casino will always find a way out. I think you started to get greeted there Phill should have won smaller amounts and maybe they wouldn't have caught you. Any how good luck in ...
Sep 30, 2017
TandG21 commented on Priest Sentenced To Prison Sought To Get 'Revenge' On God For Losing At Poker
What a joke this ass wipe will only have a friend set up an online account.
Aug 26, 2017
TandG21 commented on Has The Borgata Casino Felted Poker Pro Phil Ivey?
Come on Ivey you should have known better
Nov 15, 2016
TandG21 commented on Judge: Poker Pro Phil Ivey Didn't Commit Fraud Against Borgata
Pay the man HISSS money
Oct 25, 2016
TandG21 commented on Trump Taj Mahal Closes After 26 Years In Business
Just hope when they reopen with non union employees that the gamblers stay away. What a shame how at one time had the best poker room in AC
Oct 10, 2016
TandG21 commented on Revel Owner Might Abandon Reopening Plans, Says New Jersey 'Just Stinks'
welcome to New Jersey Mr.Straub now you know why Wynn and Trump left AC Because the place stinks.Politicians in AC are a-holes you would think they would try and get the place open and put some of the people back to work. As a retired ...
Aug 25, 2016
TandG21 commented on Howard Lederer Apologizes For His Role In Full Tilt Poker Fiasco
How about his FTP partner Ferguson another choir boy no apology from him. He also didn't know what was happening.Give me a break
May 20, 2016
TandG21 commented on Howard Lederer Apologizes For His Role In Full Tilt Poker Fiasco
Thanks to poker stars I received the funds I had on FTP He and his buddies should have went to jail.Must be nice to sit and play in high stakes poker and not worry about losing,after all he was playing with stolen money.Screw him
May 19, 2016
TandG21 commented on Ruling On Poker Pro Phil Ivey's 'Cheating' Appeal Likely To Come Within 4 Months
No way he is winning this appeal,i don't care what you want to call it but if I know what the card is and you don't it is cheating. Plain and simple. He is no choir boy and knows exactly what he was doing.
Apr 17, 2016
TandG21 commented on World Series Of Poker Champ Joe McKeehen Blames Media For Tournaments Starting An Hour Earlier
Easy there That is how this young man feels. But on the other side I don't hear Negreanu or Hellmuth, or the Mouth complaining.
Mar 31, 2016
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