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brunell4070 commented on Mid WSOP Update...few more cashes
Sorry, but please explain to me how Dunst is a "one-win, break-even" player? He was one of the top online tournament grinders before the sites got shut down...and played quite little on the tournament circuit. I think you simply do not know your facts, LisaJax.
Jun 22, 2011
brunell4070 commented on Field Announced for 2011 NBC Heads Up
It is 100% correct to include these big name celebrities... trying to expose poker to mainstream is tough without names people do not know. Your average American could give two shits about Tom Dwan or Phil Galfond. But, throw in a famous actor or athlete ...
Feb 24, 2011
brunell4070 commented on Field Announced for 2011 NBC Heads Up
No Viktor Blom....?
Feb 23, 2011
brunell4070 commented on Back In Vegas
Yes, lets remove all current holidays of the year. That would make for a very interesting life. Stop being such a tool and realize these holidays, whether 'hallmark' or not are just another way for people to express feelings to one another and engage in ...
Feb 12, 2011
brunell4070 commented on AWESOME EMAIL FROM FAN, Charity events, filming NBC, November Nine, Weddings, 100K VIDEO POKER HIT!
since low life Dusty doesn't allow comments I will say it here. Don't write books with a berating title just to promote sales since the information inside the book is useless. Also, go focus on the things that are important in life rather than playing ...
Dec 17, 2010
brunell4070 commented on The Reid Bill
Thank you for the quick response. oh I_P_ that wasn't even a good one, you can do better. but no I only have around 3k on Cake, but still would hurt if it were lost. Cake has just lost so much of its player base ...
Dec 11, 2010
brunell4070 commented on The Reid Bill
very good read, very informative. do you think at this time, i should be worried about my money on Cake?
Dec 10, 2010
brunell4070 commented on Raise-Folding Bottom Set
im curious what your thought is.. has to be higher set no? unless J9 hearts, i wouldnt play it like this.
Oct 07, 2010
brunell4070 commented on Honeymoon/TV Time/Borgata/WCOOP
Good blog, although i would substitute more Commas for '...'s
Sep 11, 2010
brunell4070 commented on 2010 WSOP Schedule Released
haha, bmpek even tries to flame people when they were the leading force in getting it switched around. GET REAL BMPEK
Dec 17, 2009
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