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clunker commented on Online Gaming Opponent OK With Poker Carve-Out
Some one paid his asking price. He should just walk around with a I can be bought sign around his neck. Adelson must have taken his contribution{wink wink] back or it wasn't big enough.
Oct 27, 2015
clunker commented on World Series Of Poker, DraftKings End Partnership
Yahoo is about 13%. Truely a sucker bet.
Oct 26, 2015
clunker commented on Kroon: Ruling Puts Poker 'In The Backroom Again'
It's really just business. The Indian Casino's pay millions in fees and taxes to the state each year for the exclusive gambling right your bar tournament pays nothing so the state sides with the guy who is paying them. If the state allows bars such ...
Sep 01, 2015
clunker commented on 2015 Card Player Player of the Year -- World Series of Poker Main Event Champion To Earn 3,300 Points
Patrick Chan shows 678 poy pts. Is that a misprint because it is more then 240.
Jul 22, 2015
clunker commented on World Series of Poker $50,000 Buy-In Poker Players Championship Sees Lowest Turnout In Its History
LOL warriors? They are just a bunch of gamblers so please do not confuse them with people who make a difference in this world. You insult those people with your silly warrior notion.
Jun 24, 2015
clunker commented on Billionaire Says Atlantic City's Trump Taj Mahal Will 'Almost Certainly Close'
Mr Icahn is a multi billionaire. He did not get there by treating people fairly or paying them their fair worth. I don,t understand where you come up with this socialist liberal hogwash just because people don,t want to be screwed by some rich asshole ...
Oct 24, 2014
clunker commented on Poker Players Get Robbed Under Guise of Civil Asset Forfeiture
LOL nothing like the truth. According to Iowa papers the money was returned to the players not sucked into the system. It did cost them legal fees but that Mary Jane grinder while legal in some locales is not legal in Iowa. Lucky it wasn't ...
Oct 14, 2014
clunker commented on Two Poker Hall Of Fame Nominees Trade Barbs Over $1.8 Million Prop Bet Gone Wrong
Your point No matter what you meant came off as if it sheds a bad light on poker it should not be talked about or heard of. As far as laughing at the career earnings of players as posted here and other places they are ...
Sep 29, 2014
clunker commented on Two Poker Hall Of Fame Nominees Trade Barbs Over $1.8 Million Prop Bet Gone Wrong
So it,s your thinking No Name that if something bad happens in the poker world it should be swept under the carpet? People out side of the poker world are not as dumb as you must think they are. Why do you think there is ...
Sep 28, 2014
clunker commented on High-Stakes Online Poker Pro Might Be Looking To Retire From Game If He Wins WSOP Main Event
If he had 2 or 3 or 4 million $'s on FT at the time of Black Friday the government closure was the best thing that ever happened to him. FT at the time they were shut down were so short on money they had ...
Jul 14, 2014
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