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f1v3h34d commented on Hand Matchup Poker Quiz -- What Would You Do With K-J in This Spot?
I think the fact that the SB has already commited over 40% of his stack without even seeing 4th street says it all, he's not folding to a shove and calling in this spot is just silly, fold and be done with it....your beat.
Aug 14, 2010
f1v3h34d commented on Mclean Karr Wins the World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star
Unlucky Mr Hellmuth! Really Unlucky with the qqs. Was actually hoping you would take it down! Aj ...debatable shove ey eeeek. bop bop
Mar 13, 2010
f1v3h34d commented on ESPN The Magazine Features Semi-Nude Poker Pros
HAHAHA .....Brilliant! :) P.S Jen is hot as!!!! Yummmyyyyy!
Oct 09, 2009
f1v3h34d commented on Barry Shulman Wins the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event
Yea! Negreanu pretty much had it in the bag hours before the final hand. Shoving on flop with aces and Barry insta calling with a flush draw..... pooooop :( Feel for ya danny boy! ....3rd time lucky though ey ;)
Oct 02, 2009
f1v3h34d commented on Senator Menendez Introduces Bill to Regulate Online Poker
yea i'm confused about the 10% per month of the 'Deposit' part. Does that mean if you were to make a 100 dollar deposit, $10 would be taken the first month and assuming you still had a bank roll.... $9 would be taken the next? ...
Aug 08, 2009
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