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boredndrunk commented on DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened.”
Enjoy your blog Doyle, love today's Doyleism. I seem to remember Peter Eastgate and Jason Mercier were among the Final 8, but I, like you, enjoy seeing the older generation showing that they can still kick some ....
Mar 11, 2010
boredndrunk commented on The Commerce Spa
I lost him at 'manicure'.....
Feb 20, 2010
boredndrunk commented on Racism or common sense
Gentlemen, Lee is a pokerplayer. I find it amusing people get upset at someones opinion. I understand if this was the opinion of your elected official, but these are opinions of Lee and Tony, two poker players!!!! Why bother with what they think? Everyone is ...
Jan 10, 2010
boredndrunk commented on Deal Me In -- Devilfish Ulliot
Tough dude or not, the fact remains he is a jackass who treats women with disrespect. I have personally experienced several incidents far worse than the ones described by Tony Dunst. I have absolutely no respect for people like that.
Jul 20, 2009
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