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venitiansaysthankyou commented on Ivey, Seidel, Sexton, and McEvoy Make Poker Hall of Fame List
I agree w Ivy, but dont discount Tom McEvoy...he beat them all this year in the Champion's challenge, and he was on of the first published Authors on Poker...Nice guy too
Jul 10, 2009
venitiansaysthankyou commented on Jordan Farmar -- From the NBA to the WSOP
We all know that there is some luck...but intellegence is a big part of the game and Farmar is no dummy...A Psych major at UCLA...graduated w a B average while playing ball...Add some competative experience some luck, and you have the making of a very ...
Jul 10, 2009
venitiansaysthankyou commented on Hundreds Turned Away from the WSOP Main Event
This year the WSOP capped many events early...and during each of those the bigstack tourney at the Venetian was huge...and they took alternates not turning anyone away....hmmmm. I have read many of the events had smaller turnouts ($50k HORSE for one example) and they had ...
Jul 06, 2009
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