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YeeDoggy commented on Department Of Justice Looks For Aid With About 1.3 Million 'Potential U.S. Victims' Of Full Tilt Poker
What if I don't care to cash out but rather my money stay in my FT account and continue playing?
Aug 15, 2012
YeeDoggy commented on Full Tilt Poker CEO Ray Bitar Surrenders To U.S. Authorities
I'm not excusing what Bitar did. I wish FT had been smart enough to keep player funds separate. However, US banks are allowed to keep only 10% of their deposits to cover loans. Also, Social Security is the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of ...
Jul 05, 2012
YeeDoggy commented on Nevada Approves First Online Poker License
An underage gambler can always get a legal adult to buy him alcohol, purchase a Visa gift card or place a cash deposit to gamble. Most underage gamblers are 15-17 and may have the math skills, patience and discipline to gamble. Poker Stars, Party Poker ...
Jun 11, 2012
YeeDoggy commented on North Carolina Table Games Bill Heads to Governor
Honestly, until they bring online poker back in order to build a bankroll, I'll have to pass on driving 5 hours to play poker.
Jun 11, 2012
YeeDoggy commented on North Carolina Closer to Flip-Flopping on Poker
N.C., like many other states are missing out on millions of dollars in rakes that could go toward education or whatever by not pursuing online poker in the state or a parimutuel venture with other states. I'd rather play in a SitnGo or tournament than ...
May 30, 2012
YeeDoggy commented on Greenstein: Obama Privately Supports Online Poker
All the bickering about which party is responsible for shutting down online poker isn't going to bring it back. Hoegner's statement that one issue is about human dignity the other is about civil rights, therefore not as important, is smug. Tell that to someone who ...
May 28, 2012
YeeDoggy commented on PPA ‘Disappointed’ by Seizure of Online Poker Funds
I never understood why more Americans, particularly poker players, aren't Libertarian. So much for Hope and Change, we got Hopeless Change instead. Wise-up my fellow poker players. Tear-up your Democrat Voter Registration card and send them to the senator of your state. Change your affiliation ...
Jun 11, 2009
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