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YeeDoggy commented on Incoming AG Jeff Sessions Said He Was 'Shocked' By Regulated Online Poker Opinion
How do you make America Great Again without online poker? Every other country allows it except the "land of the free." You can't allow Fantasy Football without being a hypocrite in shutting down online poker. Those that can't grasp online poker as a game of ...
Jan 14, 2017
YeeDoggy commented on Cops With 'Assault Rifles' Raid Low-Stakes Tavern Poker Game In North Carolina
NC could use more Andy Griffiths and less Barney Fifes. The Barney's that stormed the tavern wanted an excuse to play with their "toys" which none are mature enough to even have.
Feb 17, 2015
YeeDoggy commented on Pennsylvania Lawmaker Wants Possible Prison Terms For Those Caught Playing Online Poker
You forgot to add that the police shot Johnny several times as they entered his house mistakenly taking his computer mouse for a WMD. All officers were cleared of any wrong doing and given 6-months paid administration leave and free Disney World tickets.
Feb 28, 2014
YeeDoggy commented on Video Shows Man Being Attacked By Police After Leaving Atlantic City Casino
The only way to make this non-sense stop is to boycott AC for a couple of months. The loss of revenue will be the only thing that will generate political pressure so this guy can receive any justice. Put your demand for justice over losing ...
Oct 03, 2013
YeeDoggy commented on The Rebuilding Of Online Poker In America
There is no point in blaming Bush, Reid, Obama or anyone else for online poker being taken away when the blame belongs to ALL of us. We elect these people. They lie to us and we elect the ones whose lies we want to believe ...
Oct 03, 2013
YeeDoggy commented on Poker Hand Of The Week -- 9/14/12
Exactly my thinking as well. See a flop for as little as possible, if I can't, no worries, hold out for a better starting hand.
Sep 14, 2012
YeeDoggy commented on Feds Want Lederer's $10.5 Million Las Vegas Mansion
I'm not defending any laws they broke, however, the DOJ claims they ran a Ponzi scheme. UP UNTIL THE TIME the DOJ shutdown the site, what players did NOT receive any of their winnings when requested? I honestly don't know the answer to this question. ...
Sep 12, 2012
YeeDoggy commented on Republican Platform Supports Prohibition Of Online Gambling
If Republicans outlaw online poker, how will fish bring money to the table?
Sep 02, 2012
YeeDoggy commented on Department Of Justice Looks For Aid With About 1.3 Million 'Potential U.S. Victims' Of Full Tilt Poker
My understanding isFT hired an Australian banker to figure out a way to move money without violating UIGEA. Instead, the guy ripped-off FT (maybe that had something to do with player funds not being segregated.) FT got word he was flying to the US and ...
Aug 15, 2012
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