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youngifted1 commented on New Federal Anti-Online Poker Legislation Introduced
Isn't this a contradiction to the Republican fundamental platform of state rights and allowing each state decide for themselves?
Sep 26, 2016
youngifted1 commented on Illinois Completely Stops Paying Lotto Winners
Sounds like a ponzi scheme
Oct 19, 2015
youngifted1 commented on World Series of Poker Colossus Event Draws Record Field Of 22,374
Everybody complaining about 1st place besides the gentleman that won it lol. Yes, I would do it again in a heartbeat! Worlds greatest turbo!
Jun 04, 2015
youngifted1 commented on Poker Hand Matchup: Mike Watson vs. Philipp Gruissem
Good reminder, always check the blinds chip stack before raising. I personally like a bigger raise or fold, givin the big blinds chip stack.
May 27, 2014
youngifted1 commented on Ryan Eriquezzo Says He Got Disqualified From A Poker Tournament After 'Crumbling The Cards'
You come to my house, and crumble my cards, you get your ass whooped! Crumbling cards in a poker tournament is unacceptable for multiple reasons. 1. Altering cards is cheating 2. Intentionally damaging property that is not yours is against the law 3. Delaying a ...
May 25, 2014
youngifted1 commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 4/10/14
I dont think this is a spot where it is an automatic call or automatic fold. I think my decision in this spot is more about the player and table flow. I do believe that it is call most of the time, I just feel ...
Apr 10, 2014
youngifted1 commented on Poker Hand Of The Week: 1/30/14
With such little information presented in the hand i would have to opt for a focld. Unless I have a great read on the players,i would call but i will approach this hand as if im new to the table. There are 6 tables left, ...
Jan 30, 2014
youngifted1 commented on 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington
Well said sir, thanks!
Aug 28, 2013
youngifted1 commented on Poker Hand Of The Week: 7/25/13
Gut shot, two overs and nut flush draw, with a short stack, easy shove!
Jul 25, 2013
youngifted1 commented on What’s Your Plan? Medium Pair in 3-Bet Pot
Sounds like pot 14k, hero 38k, villain 14k. If you shove, you may get a better hand to fold like 99, buit if illain calls you lose everytime. A check feels like giving up, tough spot to call a bet. You said you felt you ...
Jul 24, 2013
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