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hookedup81 commented on NCAA: 'Forced To Relocate' Championships From New Jersey Over Controversial Sports Betting Law
whats even better is new jersey wont let you bet on any games played in the state under the new law. completely makes no sense.
Oct 17, 2012
hookedup81 commented on A Miscue From Alex "Hurricane" Higgins
hahaha the only reason i even write comments at all is because of dusty. what a loser he is. i cant believe he thinks we give a fuck about his thoughts at all. please cardplayer drop him. take a poll whatever it takes i'm sure ...
Nov 16, 2011
hookedup81 commented on On Not Protecting
hahaha dustys lastest blog is so dumb its worth a read. why seriously no kidding around is he still on this blog with cardplayer. he isnt even at the WSOP what a great poker player he is.
Jun 27, 2011
hookedup81 commented on On Not Protecting
yes to the hijacker please for the love of god get rid of dusty blog. who the f cares. phil hellmuth at his worst doesn't annoy me as much as this clown
Jun 24, 2011
hookedup81 commented on Day 1 of $100K Super High Roller
nah dusty is playing 1-2 at binions.
May 18, 2011
hookedup81 commented on Can YOU overcome B&M’s higher costs?
lol i hate dusty soooooooooooooooooo much. what a pu##y blocking his comment board.
May 11, 2011
hookedup81 commented on Back In Vegas
please cardplayer remove dusty. something is wrong with him
Dec 04, 2010
hookedup81 commented on So Many Events, So Little Time
i use to like reading your blog now i wish they cut you off. please cardplayer get rid of roy. we need more tony dunst stories of how his friend f**ked in the back of a truck. lol what a bunch of smacked *ss bloggers ...
Jun 24, 2010
hookedup81 commented on Great Event for A Great Cause
no even better was he just played there main event the 3500 at the borgata i noticed he didnt mention in his blog how he busted out in the 2 level with there amazing blind structure and chip stacks.. way to go champ!
Apr 28, 2010
hookedup81 commented on WPT Celebrity Invitation, Matt Glantz Slow Rolls Tiffany Michelle
i played with her before great story was the summer she made her run at the wsop. but before that event she played in a tournment at binions and we both had about 5k in chips to start and i hit a flush on the ...
Feb 23, 2010
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