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COLDasICE88 commented on World Series of Poker -- Phil Ivey Wins Eighth Bracelet in Event No. 34
Wow! what a tourney ......Hellmuth's lil b*tch *ss better start winning cause i can def. see ivey passing him within 5 years...What do you guys say Over or Under 4.5 years!
Jun 22, 2010
COLDasICE88 commented on WSOP Circuit -- Bryan Devonshire Wins Rincon Main Event
give it up for howard "tahoe" andrews...the man is one of the original WSOP players
Mar 31, 2010
COLDasICE88 commented on Online Poker -- Brian Hastings Beats Isildur1 For $1.5 Million
ya this guy sucks ........kristi arenett needs to come back!!!!!!
Mar 17, 2010
COLDasICE88 commented on UB Cancels Aruba Poker Classic
they need to offer everything to MAC users too!!!! get it together UB
Mar 12, 2010
COLDasICE88 commented on Online Poker -- Tom 'durrrr' Dwan Dominates High Stakes Cash Games
his battle "loss" vs. ilsdurr1 will be good evidence that he can stand the test of time. this is what i thought would keep him out of the poker hall of fame....but now the critics know he's for real and thats if they didn't already ...
Mar 09, 2010
COLDasICE88 commented on NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship -- Day 2
clunker u hit the nail right square on the head with that comment. Nuf said!
Mar 07, 2010
COLDasICE88 commented on 2010 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship -- Hearts Bracket Preview
What happened to kristi? This guy is a tool!!!
Mar 05, 2010
COLDasICE88 commented on Poker Strategy -- Lauren Kling Breaks Down Hand From Full Tilt $1K Monday
Lauren congrats on the recent tournament results keep it up....... However Bo-dog should get their act together and make you their new female spokes person. By reading your answers i get the feeling that you truly understand the game and not to mention have the ...
Feb 18, 2010
COLDasICE88 commented on Online Poker -- Steve "gboro780" Gross Wins 2009 Card Player Online Player of the Year (OPOY) Award
well when you get the notoriety in turn you will probably pick up some endorsements .......but im also not sure if you get an payout of some sort. But if not the payout is all the money you've won along the way.
Jan 02, 2010
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