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TXMaxx commented on 2010 World Series of Poker Spotlight -- Jamie Gold
terrible player and lucky to have the money after screwing his sponser
Jul 10, 2010
TXMaxx commented on Former World Champion Peter Eastgate Quits Poker
Nothing but well wishes and the best for you Peter, the life of a gambler is not for everyone and only a few ever make it big. Good Luck
Jul 07, 2010
TXMaxx commented on Weekend of Poker With Friends, Really Obama?
As a Vet I can tell you, as much as it pains me, to say obama was correct in the firing. The General was out of line, no matter he is a liberal and voted for obama, the magazine and reporter are clearly anti-Military and ...
Jun 29, 2010
TXMaxx commented on World Poker Tour Championship; then busy, busy, busy!
your tweet "in WSOP "All star game." Proud of my play, 27 bracelets eventually!" You got to be kidding me, all but washed up and 27 bracelets? I don't think so...
Jun 28, 2010
TXMaxx commented on World Series of Poker -- Sam Farha Wins Event No. 25
You just have to Love this guy, Congrats SammY!
Jun 15, 2010
TXMaxx commented on Men Playing in World Series of Poker Ladies’ Event
who care much to do about nothing, don't we all chase the easy money?
Jun 14, 2010
TXMaxx commented on Suspensions, Bans May Come to Men in Ladies Event at the 2010 World Series of Poker
What do the girls fear, mens competition? This is all going too far, next the dwarfs will get their own tourney, then you have the Jims, Bills, Joes, flat footed people, just BS...if you pay the entry you get in, period.
Jun 12, 2010
TXMaxx commented on DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.”
Love Ya Doyle, you are right on, one of the best blog's ever! Hey get a bracelet this year, Live long and prosper! wet balls, you just gotta love it!
Jun 09, 2010
TXMaxx commented on DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “Life is not a sprint. It’s a marathon.”
Speaking of hating things, I hate what cardplayer has done to the Blogs, no pic and no titles on the front page...TeRRible!
Jun 03, 2010
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