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fnkbll commented on Poker Hand Of The Week -- 11/9/12
I would have bet a little more than 1/2 the pot on the turn. If he calls I shove the river knowing (hoping) the straigt chops. If he shoves back on the turn I call. I have the best hand and the way it plays, ...
Nov 10, 2012
fnkbll commented on Negreanu: 'Justice' If Howard Lederer Goes To Jail
Howard Lederer is laughing all the way to the bank. He stole the money and is going to get away with it. Surprise, surpise another dishonest gambler. Stop ranting about it Daniel (and others), he and many others (inculding the absoulte poker peoble) won
Oct 16, 2012
fnkbll commented on Revel Casino Continues To Disappoint In Atlantic City
Please, Ac may be a ghetto but you are pefectly safe as long as you use the valet parking coming in and out
Oct 11, 2012
fnkbll commented on Brunson Falters, Dwan Soars on High Stakes Poker
mikey the flop was actually K 99
May 10, 2010
fnkbll commented on B.C. Poker Championship Winner Sophon Sek Arrested
OK 10 to 15% it is. But absolutley no surprise that a murder won a poker tounament.
Nov 26, 2009
fnkbll commented on B.C. Poker Championship Winner Sophon Sek Arrested
And why does this come as a surprise and viewed as a nightmarish situation? Are you kidding me, think of all the thugs and deginerates palying cards in casinos today. At least 25% do not have jobs or work at low paying jobs and would ...
Nov 26, 2009
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