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undisputed23 commented on A Statement from Howard Lederer
Mike Ross your a nobody and no one literally no one cares what u think.
May 23, 2016
undisputed23 commented on Poker Strategy With Roy Cooke: Losing The Minimum
I mean nothing bad by this and I have high respect for you. Even though you thinking throughout this hand is pretty decent for the most part I think you made a bad choice on the river. You said he is passive but is capable ...
May 09, 2016
undisputed23 commented on Massachusetts Becomes Third State To Regulate DFS
This is ridiculous! Since Black Friday we as American poker players have been waiting patiently for poker to become legal and 5 years down the road we basically have gotten no where with poker legalization but with fantasy sports we seem to instantly have 3 ...
Mar 28, 2016
undisputed23 commented on 2015 WSOP: Colossus Draws Record 22,374 Entries
I'm sorry but it wasn't smooth or ran well at all and I can tell you a lot of people are outraged honestly. You clearly haven't talked to players like me who went out for this event and came to a complete disaster. I'm sorry ...
Jun 02, 2015
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