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scottf commented on Americas Cardroom Brings Back High Five Poker Tournament Series For September
when is acr going to pay the deposit bonus I earned?
Sep 11, 2019
scottf commented on Barry Shulman: Marchington Not Honorable In WSOP Poker Backing Controversy
Card player has little room to discuss what is honorable when they are promoting America's Cardroom in both ads and articles and are advertising deposit bonus but aren't paying the bonus.
Aug 08, 2019
scottf commented on Americas Cardroom Guarantees $5 Million For July Venom Tournament
They are currently not honoring their first deposit code. When asked about if they had a date that they would be available, they said we don't know. Their official statement. It’s not that we’re not honoring the deposit code. We had a software change this ...
Jun 28, 2019
scottf commented on ESPN Announces 2012 World Series of Poker Television Broadcasting Schedule
Lame. 3 Events? Who cares about billionaires playing a tournament. I'll be skipping August 14th through Oct 23rd.
May 08, 2012
scottf commented on Online Poker -- The Data Mining Dilemma
Why don't the poker sites do anything to enforce their rules, for instance taking their enormous bankrolls and suing the offending sites into submission.
Dec 29, 2009
scottf commented on Online Poker – Full Tilt Poker Suspends Brian Townsend
If FT is going to sanction Brain Townsend for sharing hands, then they must do the same or sue even training sites like Poker Savvy for instance as they show the opponents cards that only a player who called on the river would see. If ...
Dec 23, 2009
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