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mikebcurve commented on COO of Absolute Poker and UltimateBet Opens Up
You would have to think if there is a safe place to play they would be at the top now with everyone watching them.......
Dec 12, 2008
mikebcurve commented on Reactions, Details on WSOP Final Table Date Change
At first I thought they were out of their minds.......but I can see the good and bad........I'll wait until I see how it turns out before I jump on the hate wagon. Maybe they should have tried it out as a special tourney before they ...
May 01, 2008
mikebcurve commented on Tipping in Poker Tournaments -- Part I
Just like a bad waiter/waitress at a restaurant.....I dont want to give them more than they deserve..........this doesnt encourage good service when they know they are getting tipped regardless.IMO
Mar 26, 2008
mikebcurve commented on SpadeClub: 'The New Way to Win at Poker' Launched
ivankyle....i think you would not be so happy if you found out you could not join since you seem to love it so much. i was never bashing the site....i love it too thats why im so dissapointed i cannot join in the exclusive membership. ...
Feb 15, 2008
mikebcurve commented on SpadeClub: 'The New Way to Win at Poker' Launched
I think they should point out you may be in one of 14 states that do not allow you to be an exclusive member. Im aware it was in the terms and conditions but few read it. I spent a lot of beta time on ...
Feb 11, 2008
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