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tompoker commented on 2013 Poker Goals
Just love the way tournament players only report what they cashed. Its like a cash game player saying "I won $100K" in 2012"...of course, he forgets to mention his losses totaled $120K.
Jan 04, 2013
tompoker commented on Many Top Poker Sites Still Accepting Players
Are you kidding me? An untold number of US players will likely never get their money back from Full Tilt, Poker Stars, etc., and youre advertising and encouraging players to deposit on other websites in spite of the current indictments? Who says this is just ...
Apr 19, 2011
tompoker commented on Bay 101 WPT Final Table, ESPN Bristol, Manhattan (Jay Z, Super Models)
You cant make this stuff up! He actually believes it!
Apr 08, 2010
tompoker commented on The rebirth of Phil Hellmuth: PEMM
You really cant make this stuff up! Hes actually serious.
Feb 20, 2010
tompoker commented on Sunflower Charity Event
LOL! Thats what jumped out at me too......coaching from Jamie Gold???? Id rather have Mike Tyson as a life coach!!
Nov 02, 2009
tompoker commented on WSOP November Nine Profile -- Phil Ivey
While on the subject of Phil Ivey.....heres a question or topic you never hear mentioned or discussed and its not even a "dirty little secret"....its public information that no one ever seems to mention. How can person with a financial interest/partner role in a poker ...
Oct 31, 2009
tompoker commented on Another Sunday Online & Excited for Aussie Millions
Hangin with an obnoxious drunk like Layne Flack says it all about your character.
Oct 02, 2009
tompoker commented on Poker Pro Matusow Discusses 'Check-Raising the Devil' raise some valid points about celebrities, athelets, ect....and the "on camera" persona. This is my last word on the subject...on camera, off camera, at the market, at the zoo, wherever, whenever, disrespectful, rude behavior which is clearly anti social should be condemned wherever it ...
May 15, 2009
tompoker commented on Poker Pro Matusow Discusses 'Check-Raising the Devil'
Ricopoker......Im far from having zero faults, but I do possess common decency and respect for other people. Youre missing the point entirely! Regardless of his knowledge and accomplishments, I have zero respect for anyone who displays such disgraceful behavior on countless occasions in a public ...
May 15, 2009
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