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kenag commented on Joe Cada Faces Darvin Moon For WSOP Main-Event Title
Well i guess after 6 hours of outplaying the donks Ivey was so far ahead that a call with a/8 was a champion call! He had alot of time to outplay the fools and finished 7th where he started. So give all credit for doing ...
Nov 08, 2009
kenag commented on PokerStars EPT -- Barcelona Day 2
Must be agood feeling knowing you will rarely get a bad beat Lex keep shoving with the worst hand you will get a little glory play and not many wins.
Sep 07, 2009
kenag commented on No Call on Scotty Nguyen Magnifies Flaw in WSOP Rules
Since its POKER lets call a spade a spade! This was Poor management by Harrahs, ESPN and poor behavior by Scotty! If you can defend this i would love to here you tell your children the difference between RIGHT and WRONG!!
Aug 22, 2008
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