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flyboy330 commented on Online Poker – Full Tilt Poker Suspends Brian Townsend
I see interesting arguments on both sides, but I don't agree that using hand histories and discussing it with friends to beat an opponent is cheating. Cheating, to me, would be if someone completely had an unfair advantage such as an ability to hack someone's ...
Dec 24, 2009
flyboy330 commented on No Call on Scotty Nguyen Magnifies Flaw in WSOP Rules
I agree with everyone here. Chip Reese would not have been proud about what went down with this tournament. He was truly an ambassador to poker, and was one of the nicest gentlemen to play the game. I was looking forward to watching the final ...
Aug 22, 2008
flyboy330 commented on Scott Kowalske: Playing With Pain -- One Year Later
Hey, what's up, everyone? When I play poker, I'm always smiling, having fun, doing the best I can so that I enjoy the experience of playing poker. Some players have asked me, "Why do I have the mentality that I do with regards to poker?". ...
Jul 20, 2008
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