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dgwozdz commented on Annie Duke Pens New Poker Book, Still Faces Criticism Over The Epic Poker League
Are there REALLY people stupid enough to buy yet another poker book by Annie Duke? I mean REALLY???? Wonder if her crook brother wrote the forward...
Sep 24, 2012
dgwozdz commented on Epic Poker Statement Shows More Than $7.8M in Liabilities
Gee, who could have seen this coming besides, like, everyone in the world. Anne Duke, you're as crooked as your scum bag brother.
Apr 06, 2012
dgwozdz commented on Epic Poker Bankruptcy Leaves Mountain of Debt
Who could have seen this coming besides everybody? Fact is the Moneymaker Era is dead and it turns out most involved were, go figure, criminals. Trying to "mainstream" poker eventually showed the true colors of so many...Pollack, Helmuth, Ferguson, Lederer, Duke...the list is endless. The ...
Mar 15, 2012
dgwozdz commented on Day 2b Recap: The Pros Aren't Dead Yet
"Whether it be a WPT final table or a World Championship of Online Poker bracelet, the experience gained proves an advantage that no statistician can quantify." What an absolute insult to people who have made a WPT final table considering a 7 year old could ...
Jul 12, 2007
dgwozdz commented on Day 2A: Will a Pro Ever Win Again?
I'm sure a name pro will win again (I'd actually argue that Hachum was a pro when he won, he was playing on the circut in Austrailia in 2005). I don't think people realize how difficult it is to win one of these things, Main ...
Jul 11, 2007
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