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popskull commented on Poker Strategy With Roy Cooke: Getting Stacked With Two Queens
So much missing here. What's your table image? You're an older guy, does he think you're a typical older rock or does he know you are better than that? Even so, how attentive is villain today, is he just grinding with headphones or really into ...
Apr 18, 2016
popskull commented on Borgata To Stop Paying Taxes To Atlantic City
Anyone else wonder how this one place is more than 70% of the city's total debt?
Feb 09, 2016
popskull commented on The Most Consistent Tournament Poker Players Of The Past Decade
Why look for top-200 consistency? If the rating scale is about consistency to begin with, just apply it to 10 years of tournaments instead of 1 and give us the results.
Feb 09, 2016
popskull commented on Poker Strategy With Ed Miller: Don't Sweat The Weird Stuff
I wouldn't classify the first hand here as weird at all. It's pretty typical 1/2 NL. Villain here has very simple thinking: "I have best hand must bet all chips." Insta-fold with top set on the monochrome board. This is ALWAYS a flush and you ...
Oct 12, 2015
popskull commented on Gavin Griffin: Poker Questions Asked And Answered
Apparently you don't need to know statistics to be good at poker. The average stack will always be the total number of chips in play divided by the number of players. It doesn't matter who owns those chips because an average is the sum divided ...
Nov 20, 2014
popskull commented on The Pole Dancer, The Floorman, and the Poker Player
The issue here isn't really that he was told play might resume when the dancing stopped, the issue is that he had no idea when play would resume. For that reason, he cannot be expected to be present when it does. Despite that, he made ...
Nov 10, 2014
popskull commented on Online Poker: Check Out This Interesting Ivey Hand
This is a terrible bluff or a mis-click that should've been 40k not 4k. As it stands it's a terrible suck-bet bluff. It probably folds exactly JcTc. Even AcTc calls because ace-high beats other busted draws.
Nov 10, 2014
popskull commented on The Power of Negative Thinking
Or she's psycho and stalks him there because she knows he's at that station often.
Nov 04, 2014
popskull commented on Poker Pro Phil Ivey Approved For Medical Marijuana Business In Las Vegas
losing a law suit isn't the same as being found guilty of a crime.
Nov 01, 2014
popskull commented on WATCH: Poker Player Cracks Opponent's Aces Deep In WSOP Main Event, Rubs It In
This isn't a "wacky character" at all. Maybe there was some history to make him act this way, but otherwise Rystadt is noting but a festering sack of Ebola here. Nothing turns away amateurs like filth like this, ESPN should know better and not give ...
Oct 07, 2014
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