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mgils commented on World Series of Poker -- Main Event Day 6 Recap
You think they'd mention that Erick Lindgren is still in it too.
Jul 18, 2011
mgils commented on Full Tilt Poker Operations Suspended
I quit following the FTP story about a month ago. Did the U.S. players ever get their money back from FTP, or is it still being held??
Jun 30, 2011
mgils commented on New Deal
LOL - I do not no who he is. I do no I'm not familiar with the name. If anyone does no who he is, could you let us no? Thanks! (As an aside, how the #*$) can you not know the difference between "no" ...
May 23, 2011
mgils commented on Cash games vs Tournaments
What incredible insight Barry - truly worthy of a blog post on this site!!
Jan 18, 2011
mgils commented on Timmi at the final table!
For the love of God Lee, learn to spell!!! I quote - "That being said the WSOP has no reason too bann the men who did enter after they allowed it. There seams ample presidence to stop men from entering… golf, tennis, darts, you name ...
Jun 26, 2010
mgils commented on Hello Cardplayer!
Bmpek, you are a total f--kwad and loser. Do you really have nothing better to do than respond to everyone's blogs with your negativity? What a douche!
Apr 30, 2010
mgils commented on Ashton Griffin Wins NAPT High-Roller Shootout
LOL - I thought the exact same thing. Winner take all eh?
Feb 26, 2010
mgils commented on The rebirth of Phil Hellmuth: PEMM
AWESOME STUFF PHIL! lmao Starting in 2007 fans began coming up to me many times a day to tell me powerful things, "You are my idol," or "You are the best poker player in the world," or "I aspire to be you," or "I love ...
Feb 16, 2010
mgils commented on eBay Seller Auctions World Series of Poker Bracelet
I just went on Ebay, and there is nothing listed under Cloutier bracelet, Cloutier WSOP, or Cloutier poker other than a $2 card. There were also no listings under "Completed Auctions" either. Who makes this stuff up??
Jan 22, 2010
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