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CPPT VI - The Bicycle Casino

$1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Quantum $500K GTD


Adrian Moreno Eliminated By Ramiro Moran

With a flop of Q104 it checked to Ramiro Moran, who bet 3,500. 2017 World Series of Poker Little One for One Drop bracelet winner Adrian Moreno moved all-in. Moran called with the KQ for ...


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ps0054 commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 5/6/16
I have 15 outs (roughly 60% to win with 2 cards to come making me a favorite) -- I want to see both cards -- I have pretty decent fold equity -- I shove.
May 06, 2016
ps0054 commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 10/2/15
Without any information on how opponent has been playing makes any analysis more difficult. I call. I think opponent has medium pocket pair -- pocket 5's or 9's are both possible -- also perhaps pocket 10's or J's -- I think KK or QQ would ...
Oct 02, 2015
ps0054 commented on Racism
My parents (I am 68) were racist (mostly a product of their time) but they were very careful to avoid turning me and my brother into racists. We were raised to treat each and every person as an individual. Daniel, obviously you were taught the ...
Oct 01, 2015
ps0054 commented on Poker Software Tools: Good or Bad for Poker?
Bovada has anonymous tables only -- maybe all sites should do the same. I like it -- you have to decipher opponents' tendencies on the fly -- just like live.
Sep 17, 2015
ps0054 commented on Politics Yay!
I think trentbridge is correct in his assessment.
Sep 04, 2015
ps0054 commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 9/4/15
Hard to say because I have no idea how villain plays - I think this decision is highly dependent upon knowing your opponent and his tendencies.
Sep 04, 2015
ps0054 commented on Indiana Gaming Regulators Warn Senior Center Over Card Game That Awarded Prizes Like Toilet Paper
" the mob has nothing on the government" Amen to that. Just read "Poker Players Can Proceed With Lawsuit Over 'Highway Robbery'" that appeared here a few days ago -- found in archives. Then click on the link to the ruling.
Jul 23, 2015
ps0054 commented on MIT Puts Poker Course Online To Watch For Free
Okay -- so you can teach poker in Massachusetts but it is illegal to play in Idaho.
Jul 23, 2015
ps0054 commented on Court: Poker Room Not Allowed In Idaho
How did poker become so "evil?" I just don't get it. Slots, yes -- poker, no. Makes no sense to me.
Jul 23, 2015
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