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CPPT VI - Golden Gates Casino

$600 No-Limit Hold'em


Chip Counts

Seat Player Name Chip Count 1 Vincent Moscati 6,400,000 2 Alexander Carmosino 9,200,000 3 Kevin Palmer 2,600,000


Poker Screen Names

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TheMaj commented on Weekly Rant: Scotty Nguyen, iSeries and Three Square
I want to know how any gambler in their right mind is going to trust this little I-series adventure. What is going to stop two or more players colluding on any particular prop bet and chip dumping to make it happen. Given all the things ...
Mar 21, 2012
TheMaj commented on Weekly Rant: Epic Poker, Reality TV, Dayana Mendoza
I don't get it Daniel. You are fortunate and talented enough to play high stakes tournament and cash game poker for a living. You also get to travel the world and have made some nice business ventures and been seen with some very beautiful women. ...
Mar 09, 2012
TheMaj commented on Covering Lots of Things
"A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still" It is much easier to convict in the court of public opinion than it is in a court of law. I P you claim that I need more knowledge of basic law..but never ...
Feb 08, 2012
TheMaj commented on Covering Lots of Things
Before one splashes around opinions and spews nonsense it might help to get all the facts.Before people accuse Matusow, Lindgren, Ivey etc. of being thieves and stealing online players money much more investigation needs to be done. If Ivey for instance who is considered one ...
Feb 06, 2012
TheMaj commented on Poker Pros Ivey, Lindgren, Benyamine and Flack Owe Full Tilt Millions
The books must be so cooked at FTP that one hardly knows what to make of this news. Paying these players (Ivey Lindgren etc..) tournament entry fees seems more like a promotional expense than a loan to me. It's interesting that Tom Dwan's name isn't ...
Feb 05, 2012
TheMaj commented on What's My Line? -- Mike Matusow
Say what you like about Mike, he has mad skills! Bottom line is it's always all about results.Very few will remember that Jonathan Little made some very dubious plays and got lucky to take this title down. They will remember the money and the trophy. ...
Nov 20, 2008
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