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Beat Short Stackers


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About DragTheBar

DragTheBar is a full-featured training site that offers cutting-edge strategy from some of the biggest winners in the games today. Whether you are a micro-stakes cash game player, or a mid/high-stakes MTT player, DTB has videos from coaches who beat the games you play. Combine that with multiple ways to earn free memberships, and DTB is one of the top and most accessible training sites around.

Currently releasing over 40 videos a month on NL and Limit Cash, MTTs and SNGs, DragTheBar is your poker training home no matter what your game is. DTB has over 25 coaches and 700 videos, member blogging, and dynamic forums with active coaches. Their cash game coaches are some of the biggest winners from the micros to high stakes, the tournament staff has millions in winnings, and they continually put out some of the most innovative MTT & SNG content on the internet. DragTheBar will help you start crushing the games you play.

Key Instructors:

Dusty "Leatherass" Schmidt
Jade "GayGambla" Lane
Adam "Squee451" Sherman
Owen "Qtip" Gaines
Jeremy "Chipsteela" Menard
Nathan "Blackrain79" Williams
Hunter "BeachJustice" Bick
Matt "mbolt1" Bolt
Ross "milwaukee2" Hartung
Jared Tendler
Greg "Zerosum79" Jones
Paul "GiantBuddha" Hoppe

Cody "Bwammo" Kaiser
Dustin "La Peste" Cook
David "HeyImDro" Rowan
Emil "darkhorse" Jonsson
James "boardrider68" Romero
Brent "El Rubio" Sheirbon
James "hellopuppy" Davis
Stosh "Hatebicycles" McConnell
Bill Robertie
Charles "Rakes" Lei

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