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Buy-In: $2,000
Prize Pool: $1,046,940
Entrants: 569

Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 11, '05 - Jun 12, '05


Updates on Final Day (Jun 12, 05)


Payvar's Payday

Reza Payvar finally prevailed after what seemed like an eternity at the final table. At one point in the evening, Tournament Director Jack Effel announced over the loud speaker, "We have all officially lost our minds." Apparently Payvar didn't lose his, and for keeping his wits about him, he will take home $303,610 in prize money, and the gold bracelet. Runner up Todo Leonidas wins $160,185 for his effort. Reza Payvar is the new $2,000 Buy-In Limit Hold'em Champion.

The final hand went like this:

Todo Leonidas raised to $40,000 preflop. Payvar reraised to $60,000, and Leonidas reraised all in. Payvar showed the Ah-9h, and Leonidas showed Qd-5h. The flop came Jd-9c-4s. Payvar hits middle pair, and Leonidas now needs a queen or runner-runner straight, or runner-runner fives for the win. The turn is the 2d, and the river the 7s. Payvar's nines hold on, and he takes home the cash and the hardware.

Toto Leonidas Eliminated in 2nd Place ($160,185)

Toto Leonidas is eliminated in 2nd place.

Toto Leonidas Doubles Up Again

After suffering a crippling blow 2 hands prior, Toto Leonidas has doubled up again. Toto's A-5 cracked Reza Payvar's pocket jacks when the flop came A-K-9. The turn brought another 9, and the river a 4. Toto stays alive, although he is still very short stacked.


Blinds Increase

The blinds are now at $10,000-$20,000 with limits of $20,000-$40,000.

Toto Leonidas Doubles Up

Just when it seemed like Reza Payvar had taken total control of the match after calling Leonidas down with just a pair of deuces, Leonidas is back in the match. Leonidas played his pocket tens very aggresively, and Payvar called him down with queen high. Leonidas's tens held up, and he doubles his stack to $150,000.


Heads Up Play Begins

We are finally heads up after four hours of grueling three-handed play. The survivors and their chip counts are as follows:

Reza Payvar $930,000
Toto Leonidas $215,000

John Myung Eliminated in 3rd Place ($83,755)

John Myung 3 bets the flop and gets called by Toto Leonidas. The flop comes Kh-Qc-3s. Myung bets, Leonidas raises, and Myung calls for the rest of his chips. Leonidas shows 7d-3c, for a pair of threes, and Myung flips up the Ad-9c for 2 overcards. The turn brings the Jd, no help for either player, and the river is the blank of blanks, 2s. John Myung's run is over.


Chip Counts (Again)

Toto Leonidas - $145,000
Reza Payvar - $915,000
John Myung - $80,000

John Myung Cannot Be Killed By Conventional Weapons

Another all-in survived by John Myung. Myung finds himself all in with J-5 against Reza Payvar's pocket 10's. The board is 8s-6c-6d. The turn is the 3d. The river, what else but a jack. John Myung is still kicking.

Current Chip Counts

Here are your most recent chip counts:

Reza Payvar $775,000
John Myung $275,000
Toto Leonidas $90,000

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