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Buy-In: $1,500
Prize Pool: $651,360
Entrants: 472

Seven Card Stud

  • Jun 09, '05 - Jun 10, '05


Updates on Final Day (Jun 10, 05)


Cliff Josephy aka "Johnny Bax" Wins $1500 Seven Card Stud Event

Cliff Josephy aka "Johnny Bax" has just won the $1500 Seven Card Stud Event. He takes home $192,150. A quick interview reveals that his nickname is his online handle. Apparently, "Johnny" whose day job is a stockbroker from Syosset, NY won a total of five and a half (7 with three chops) seats to the Main Event via online tournaments. He also confirms rumors that before tonight he had never played a hand of Stud in his life, and that Scott Fischman and crew gave him a five minute lesson before the start of this tournament.

Kirill Gerasimov is Eliminated in 2nd Place ($108,775)

Slowly being anted to death, Kirill chose to take a stand against Johnny Bax with rolled up fives. Bax called him with a pair of fours and an Ace and King as overcards. 6th Street brought an Ace for Bax, and without either of the two remaining fives in the deck, Kirill took second place.

Heads Up

The $1500 Seven Card Stud Event is now heads up between:

Seat #1 - Kirill Gerasimov - $83,000
Seat #4 - Cliff Josephy aka "Johnny Bax" - $629,000


Dr. Mark Burtman Eliminated in 3rd Place ($63,180)

All-in preflop, Burtman is called by both Gerasimov and Bax. Everone checks all the way down and Johnny Bax's Motown (J-J-5-5) eliminated Burtman and increase his overwhelming lead.

Updated Chip Counts

Here are your chip counts with 30 minutes left to Level 19:

Seat #1 - Kirill Gerasimov - $70,000
Seat #4 - Cliff Josephy aka "Johnny Bax" - $600,000
Seat #5 - Dr. Mark Burtman - $40,000

Kirill Gerasimov Doubles Up Through Johnny Bax

Shortstacked and with an Ace showing, Johnny Bax puts Kirill all-in. Turns out Kirill had another Ace under there and his pair of Aces beat Bax's King-high.

Johnny Bax Bleeds Gerasimov

In a series of eventual folds, Johnny Bax has managed to slowly drain close to $40,000 from Kirill Gerasimov.


Scott Fishman on chip leader Johnny Bax: "This guy's never played stud in his life. Me and my buddies gave him a 5 minute lesson. What you don't know won't hurt you."

Update Chip Counts

Here are the counts with one hour left to go on Level 19:

Seat #1 - Kirill Gerasimov - $65,000
Seat #4 - Cliff Josephy aka "Johnny Bax" - $525,000
Seat #5 - Dr. Mark Burtman - $125,000


Kirill Stays Alive

Kirill is very short stacked at the start of this hand. Both men limp.

Bax shows: 6h-2d-3c

Kirill shows: 4h-9d-4c

After Kirill bets out each time, Bax puts him all in on 6th street.

Kirill catches a miracle 4 on the river to beat out Bax's pair of deuces.

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