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Buy-In: $2,500 + $120
Prize Pool: $189,150
Entrants: 78

No-Limit Hold'em Event 18

  • Jun 28, '07 - Jun 29, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jun 29, 07)


Sergey Feklisov Wins Event #18 ($69,985)

Thomas Umali got all-in agianst Sergey Feklisov and both players turned up their hands. Thomas had an early lead with his A 3 against the K Q of Sergey. The board came out 2 9 4 4 Q giving Sergey the pot and the tournament win.

Thomas Umali finishes in 2nd place and earns $47,290.

Sergey Feklisov takes home $69,985 and the gold bracelet for his win.

Stan Fulton Eliminated In 3rd Place ($24,590)

Stan Fulton was just eliminated on a HUGE hand. All three players got all-in on a flop of K 9 K and turned up their hands. Stan held the A 9, Sergey Feklisov  held the 6 6 and Thomas Umali showed K Q.  The turn brought a 6 and the river was a 3 giving the massive pot to Sergey. Stan Fulton was eliminated and Thomas was left crippled.

Carlo Citrone Eliminated In 4th Place ($13,235)

Thomas Umali raised to $10,000 from the button. Carlo Citrone moved all-in for $35,000 total and Stan Fulton made the call. Action was back to Thomas who agonized over his choices before finally re-raising all-in for $75,000 total. Action was back to Stan who said "I'm folding queens here" and mucked his hand. Thomas turned over A K and was in a coinflip situation against the 2 2 of Carlo. Carlo was able to dodge the flop when it came J 8 7 but the turn brought the A, all but sealing his fate in the tournament. The river was a 3 and Carlo was sent home. Thomas picked up over $110,000 chips in that hand.

Thomas Umali Doubles Up

Tomas Umali moved all-in from the button for his last $35,000. He was called by Carlo Citrone in the big blind who held A T for a slight lead over Thomas' K J. The flop hit Thomas hard when it came K J 7. Carlo would now need a qeen for a straight or running cards to win. The turn brought the 4 and the river was the A giving Thomas the pot. Carlo is left with under $20,000 after the hand.

Paul Testud Eliminated In 5th Place ($10,405)

Action folded around to Paul Testud in the small blind who completed. Stan Fulton checked in the big blind and they saw a flop of J 6 3. Paul moved all-in for his last $32,000 and Stan made the call. Paul showed J T for top pair but he had kicker problems against the K J of Stan. The turn brought a 6 and the river came a 5 giving Stan the pot.

Blinds Up

Players are now playing with blinds of $1,500-$3,000 and a $300 ante.

Chip Counts

The chip counts section has been updated.

Ignacio Aiza Eliminated In 6th Place ($8,510)

Ignacio Aiza moved all-in from late positon with T 9 and was called by Sergey Feklisov who showed A Q.  The flop came down J 7 3 giving Ignacio an inside straight draw.  The turn was the 2 and the river was the 6 failing to improve Ignacio's hand. Sergey wins the pot and increases his chip lead.

William Sheffrey Eliminated In 7th Place ($6,620)

William Sheffrey moved all-in for his last $17,000 and was called by Stan Fulton. William showed A 4 but was trailing Stan who flipped up A T.  The board came out J 3 2 7 2 and Stan's hand held up to give him the pot.


Players are on a 15 minute break.

When they return they will be playing with blinds of $1,000-$2,000 and a $300 ante.
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