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Buy-In: $1,500 + $90
Prize Pool: $241,530
Entrants: 166

No-Limit Hold'em Event 15

  • Jun 25, '07 - Jun 26, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jun 26, 07)


Jonas Molander Wins Event #15 ($105,430)

On a flop of 9 8 4, Iwan Jones moves all in and Jonas Molander calls all in.  Jones has 9-5 and Molander shows pocket Kings.  The turn and river come 8 2 and Molander takes a commanding chip lead.  So commanding, in fact, that Jones only has 4 chips left. 

Jones doubled up twice after being all in blind, but finally lost to Molander's pocket Queens.  Jones takes home $47,525 for his efforts.  Molander takes home $105,430, the bracelet and a $25,000 seat in the WPT Championship. 

Heads Up

Heads up play has begun, with both players virtually even in chips. 

Sebastian Ruthenberg Eliminated in 3rd Place ($23,765)

Jonas Molander raised to $16,000 on the button and Sebastian Ruthenberg moved in for $120,000 total.  Molander made the call and showed A Q and Ruthenberg was caught with 9 8.  The board came A J 2 3 K, and Ruthenberg is our third place finisher.  

Iwan Jones Doubles Up

Iwan Jones is all in against Sebastian Ruthenberg.  Jones shows 8 8 and Ruthenberg shows 6 6.  The board comes J 10 9 8 A, and Jones doubles up and cripples Ruthenberg. 

Ruthenberg tripled up the next hand with 9 3, to move back into contention.  

Level Up

The blinds are now $3,000/$6,000 with a $1,000 ante. 

Sebastian Ruthenberg Doubles Through Iwan Jones

On a flop of J 10 9, both Sebastian Ruthenberg and Iwan Jones get all their chips in the pot.  Ruthenberg has A Q, while Jones shows J 10.  The turn and river come 4 Q, and Ruthenberg doubles up to around $210,000.  Jones is down to $150,000.

Chip Counts

Chip counts for the remaining three players have been updated. 

Alvaro Ballesteros Eliminated in 4th Place ($12,980)

On the next hand, Alvaro Ballesteros moves in and Jonas Molander makes the call.  Ballesteros shows A Q and Molander has 10 10.  The board comes 9 8 3 6 6, and Ballesteros is eliminated in fourth place.  

Jonas Molander Doubles Up

Alvaro Ballesteros raises to $22,000 from the small blind and Jonas Molander moves in for $79,000 total.  Ballesteros makes the call and shows 9 9.  Molander shows Q J.  The board comes K 8 4 K J, and Molander doubles up. 

After the hand, Ballesteros is livid and is taking the beat, which is essentially a coinflip, very badly.  Clearly steaming, he has verbally criticized Molander's play. 

Stephanie Dao Eliminated in 5th Place ($9,720)

Stephanie Dao moves in for her last $35,000.  Iwan Jones thinks for a bit before calling with A 8.  Stephanie tables 3 3, and the board comes Q J 10 Q 9 giving Jones a straight.  Dao is our fifth place finisher.  
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