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Buy-In: $2,500 + $120
Prize Pool: $196,425
Entrants: 81

No-Limit Hold'em Event 14

  • Jun 24, '07 - Jun 25, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jun 25, 07)


Mats Rahmn Wins Event #14

Mats Rahmn has pocket Sevens and Carlo Citrone is all in with J-8.  The board comes K-10-5-5-3 and Rahmn wins the tournament and $88,740 along with the bracelet and the $25,000 seat into the WPT Championship.  Citrone earns $42,730 for his second place finish. 

Carlo Citrone Crippled

On a board of J 8 5 3, Mats Rahmn bets out $25,000.  Carlo Citrone raises to $60,000 and Rahmn immediately moves in for $91,000 more . Citrone goes into the tank for a full ten minutes before calling and showing 8-7.  Rahmn has A J.  The river is the 9 and Rahmn takes a monster chip lead.  Citrone is only left with a couple thousand.  

Slow Grind

Mats Rahmn has been slowly grinding away at Carlo Citrones stack.  Rahmn currently holds close to a 4-1 chiplead. 

Level Up

Blinds have been increased to $2,000/$4,000 with a $500 ante for headsup play. 

Kevin O'Donnell Eliminated in 3rd Place ($22,220)

Kevin O'Donnell pushes all in with J J and is called by Carlo Citrone with A 9.  The board comes Q J 6 10 8 and O'Donnell's set is cracked by a runner runner straight.  

Chip Counts

The chip counts tab has just been updated for the final three players.  Carlo Cintrone holds a big lead over the other two players. 

Tony Korfman Eliminated in 4th Place ($11,970)

Tony Korfman is all in for his last $13,000 with A 7.  Kevin O'Donnell makes the call with J J.  The flop and turn come A 5 3 6, giving Korfman the lead.  O'Donnell is drawing to the two remaining Jacks and he hits it when the J comes on the river.  Korfman is our fourth place finisher.  

Francis Mahiout Eliminated in 5th Place ($9,400)

Carlos Citrone limps UTG and Francis Mahiout raises all in from the button for an additional $15,000.  Citrone calls and shows Q J.  Mahiout shows A 8 and has a slight lead.  The board comes 9 7 2 J 6, and Mahiout is our fifth place finisher.  

Kevin O'Donnell Makes A Great Laydown

Carlo Citrone raised to $8,000 UTG and Kevin O'Donnell reraised to $28,000 from the big blind.  Citrone instantly went all in and O'Donnell agonized for about 3 minutes before folding pocket Jacks headsup.  Citrone claimed to have Aces, giving O'Donnell credit for his fold. 

Players Return

Players are back from break and are greeted with new blinds of $1,500/$3,000 with a $500 ante. 

The chip counts tab has also been updated with exact chip counts from the break. 
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