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Buy-In: $25,000
Prize Pool: $1,500,000
Entrants: 64

2007 National Heads-Up Championship

  • Mar 01, '07 - Mar 04, '07


Updates on Final Day (Mar 03, 07)


Paul Wasicka Wins the NBC Heads-Up Championship ($500,000)

On a board of K109, Chad Brown bets $25,000 and Paul Wasicka raises to $70,000 total.  Brown moves all in and Wasicka calls immediately.  Brown turns over K4 but Wasicka shows QJ for the straight.  The turn is the 2 and Brown is drawing dead.  The river is unknown and Paul Wasicka wins the NBC Heads-Up Championship.

Paul Wasicka wins the NBC Heads-Up Championship and $500,000.

Chad Brown finishes second and earns $250,000.

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Paul Wasicka Takes a Nice Pot

Paul Wasicka has just surpassed the $1,000,000 of the $1,280,000 in play.

Paul Wasicka Takes An Early Chip Lead

After a raise and call preflop, the flop comes KJ6.  Brown bets $100,000 and Wasicka makes the call.  The turn is the 8 and both players check.  The river comes the K and Brown checks.  Wasicka bets $80,000 and Brown makes the call.  Wasicka turns over AJ for two pair and Brown mucks his hand.

Paul Wasicka has taken an early lead of $924,000 to Chad Brown's $356,000 chips.

Match Two Underway

Match two between Paul Wasicka and Chad Brown is now underway.

Quick Break

There is a short break before match two begins.

Paul Wasicka Wins Match One

On a board of 633, Paul Wasicka bets $80,000 and Chad Brown moves all in.  Wasicka calls and shows 86.  Brown turns over AJ and the turn is the 10.  The river comes the 4 and Paul Wasicka wins the pot and match one in this best of three.

Chad Brown Pulls To Even

Chad Brown has managed to pull back to even with Paul Wasicka.

Blind Increase

The blinds have been increased to $40,000-$80,000.

Chad Brown Doubles Up

Paul Wasicka pushes all in and Chad Brown makes the call with JJ. Wasicka flips over Q8. The board comes the 763K9 and Chad Brown doubles up.

Chip Counts

Paul Wasicka - $820,000
Chad Brown - $420,000
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