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Buy-In: $10,000
Prize Pool: $59,784,954
Entrants: 6358

Event 55 - World Championship No-Limit Hold'em

  • Jul 06, '07 - Jul 17, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jul 17, 07)


Jon Kalmar Eliminated 5th ($1,255,069)

Jon Kalmar Eliminated in 5th place ($1,255,069)
Raymond Rahme, who qualified online at raises to $2,500,000 and Jon Kalmar moves all in for $10,490,000 more.  Rahme thinks briefly as his green clad spectators stand, ready to burst at any second.  Rahme makes the call and shows down JJ, and Kalmar tables AK.  Both camps explode in support of their respective players, with calls for an ace or king tangling with yells for a third jack.  Kalmar stands, wiping his hands on his black shirt, emblazoned with a picture of Family Guy character Stewie Griffin dressed as the lead character from Clockwork Orange.  The flop comes 1096, and Rahme maintains the lead.  Kalmer gets no help when the 3 comes on the turn and he is down to the last card.  The river is the 3 and Kalmer is eliminated in fifth place.  Rahme's supporters burst out in song, and the 62-year-old busts out a little dance to celebrate.  He now has $29,890,000 in chips.
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Hour Five Update

Millionaires club
The remaining players are all now Millionaires.  Congratulations to them all.  The money presentation has just concluded, numerous security guards entered the area carrying silver metal briefcases full of bricks of $100 bills.  They had trouble keeping all of the money corralled on a special table, underneath the Corum booth that used to house the preliminary event bracelets.

Alex Kravchenko Doubles Up
Kravchenko moves all in from the small blind for $4,390,000 and is called by Jerry Yang with J10 from the big blind.  The Russian spectators burst into song when Kravchenko shows down A10, and he is in the lead at the moment.  The flop comes J3382, Kravchenko's hand holds and he avoids being Yang's fourth victim for the final table.  He now has almost nine million in chips.
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Hevad "RainKhan" Khan Eliminated 6th ($956,243)

RainKhan Eliminated
Jerry Yang raises to $1,500,000 from middle position, and online qualifier,"RainKhan" reraises to $6,000,000 from the small blind leaving himself less then $3,500,000 behind .  Yang goes into the tank, then elects to make the call.  Prior to the flop, Khan moves all-in dark, putting the pressure on Yang.  The flop comes K42, and the action is on Yang.  He needs less then a minute, then makes the call with JJ.  Khan turns over AQ, and his spectators erupt in pleas for the turn to match.  The turn comes 3 and Khan picks up four more outs.  He misses when the river comes 3 and he is eliminated in sixth place for a payday just under a million dollars.  Yang has now eliminated every player at the final table.

After the elimination players have elected to have a 20 minute break.
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Hour Three

Emergency Brakes

After a crazy second hour of action, the first break had a calming effect on the field. Another pacing effect was the monolithic stack of Jerry Yang, which had his opponent’s picking and choosing their spots carefully.

Jon Kalmar Takes Down $4 Million Pot
Jon Kalmar raises to $1,000,000 and is called by Jerry Yang from the big blind.  The board comes Q103105 and it is checked down to the river.  Yang fires out a $1,500,000 bet and is called by Kalmar.  Yang tries to muck his hand, but is forced to turn it over.  He shows down nine high, and Kalmar takes it down with ace high.

The Champ Stops By
Phil Hellmuth stopped by to get some mandatory camera time.  He wished the players luck, and came on-stage to check out the newly introduced $250,000 chips.  He took some flak from Haved Khan, who said he couldn't spell Poker.  Khan then said he couldn't either.

Leader Board

Seat No. 1: Raymond Rahme - $15,725,000
Seat No. 2: Alex Kravchenko - $2,820,000
Seat No. 3: Jerry Yang - $59,780,000
Seat No. 4: Tuan Lam - $20,525,000
Seat No. 5: Jon Kalmer - $18,690,000
Seat No. 6: Hevad “Rain” Khan - $9,945,000

Robert Williamson III Sighting

In a continuing trend of superstar poker players dropping by, Robert Williamson appeared and was introduced to the crowd. He received the usual showering of applause.

Alex Kravchenko Doubles Up
Alex Kravchenko moves all in from under the gun, and Hevad Khan moves all in over the top from the small blind.  Kravchenko tables KJ and is flipping against Khan's 33.  The board comes QJ9A4, Kravchenko spikes a jack and doubles up to $5,860,000.  Khan is knocked down to $6,715,000.

Hour Two

Alex Kravchenko Very Active
Alex Kravchenko has been very active with his shortstack.  He has opened every pot that has been folded to him.  Most of the raises have been all in, unfortunately for his the few that have not have been picked off by larger stacks.

Lee Childs Eliminated 7th ($705,209)
It is folded to Childs in the small blind, and he raises to $480,000 more.  Jerry Yang waits for the count on Childs, then moves all in.  Childs stands up, back to the table as he contimplates his decision.  He returns to his chair, with his dwindling chip stack reflected in the ruby red glasses atop his black hat.  Yang is statueque as Childs thinks, hand covering his face.  A look of contentment spreds across Childs'  face as he seems to make his decision .  He announces  "I  call" and immeditily the crowd in on its feet.  Child's pumps both his fists and he realizes his KJ, has Yang's J8 dominated.  Things look better on the flop as it comes 644 and Childs is in prime position to double up.  Things take a drastic turn for him however, when the turn rolls off one of the sickest cards in the deck, the 8.  Now Yang takes the lead, but Childs still has a king or club to take the pot back.  His journey ends when the river brings the 9, and he is sent to the rail in 7th place for a $705,209 payday.  Yang now has almost half the chips in play.


Players are on a 20 minute break.

Lee Watkinson Eliminated

Lee Watkinson Eliminated 8th ($585,699)
Action is folded to Jerry Yang in the small blind and he makes a raise.  Lee Watkinson thinks, then pushes all in for $8,715,000 more.  Yang stares Watkinson down as the chips are counted down, in a process that takes minutes.  When the final amount is announced, Yang makes the call.  As soon as the words escape his lips, a shock rips through the crown, and almost immediately everyone is standing.  Watkinson tables A7, but is dominated when Yang rolls over A9.  The flop is dealt 642, and Yang takes a commanding lead.  Haved Khan starts dancing and yelling for some reason, but it does nothing to alleviate the pained expression upon Watkinson's face.  The turn comes K, and Watkinson is drawing to a seven only to keep his tournament hopes alive.  The river bring the J, and Watkinson is eliminated from the main event.  He takes home $585,699 for his efforts, and exits to a nice round of applause.  Jerry Yang now has a significant chip lead at $55,015,000.

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Hour One


The final table area has taken on the look of a word cup match. Fans are touting flags in support of their chosen players. Because of the international flavor of this year’s main event the flags of Canada, South Africa, Denmark and the good old U.S. of A are draped across the crowd. The energy is electric and in some cases the players and the fans are feeding off of each other in a frenzy of energy. This was no more evident than when online qualifier, Hevad Khan , was announced and he rushed over to his group of friends. He blended with them as one for a brief moment, and looked as if he was cheering on a friend himself in the overflow of excitement.


During the early action of the afternoon former world champion Johnny Chan has stopped by to catch the action. So has Scandinavian legend, Thor Hansen, who had a very strong showing at the year’s World Series of Poker, including a brief appearance at the H.O.R.S.E. final table. Ted Lawson is along the rail in full support of his friend Lee Watkinson. Lars Bonding and Mads Anderson are a part of the Denmark contingent that is here to root on Philip Hilm. More professional players are sure to stream through the crowd all day long here at the final table.

Price of Admission: One Million Dollars

Not too many chips have changed hands at the final table as of yet, but one interesting trend has emerged. The standard raise amount has become $1 million. The price of poker is indeed high at this point in the game.

First Big Pot

With $6 million sitting in the pot after a battle of raises between Lee Childs and Jerry Yang, the flop was rolled out 7 4 2. Childs then fired out $3 million and Yang raised all in. Childs went into the tank and pondered the call that would also put himself all in. He eventually mucked two queens faceup and Yang took down the $11+ million pot.

Yang Wins another Huge Pot

Jerry Yang raised to $2.5 million and Phillip Hilm went into the tank. Hilm eventually made the call and the flop rolled out A 10 8. Hilm checked and Yang fired out $3 million. Hilm hastily called and the turn brought the 3. Hilm checked and Yang moved all in. Hilm folded his hand and Yang took down yet another large pot at the final table. Yang is now the chip leader with over $25 million.

Phillip Hilm Elminated in Ninth Place ($525, 934)

Hilm and Yang clashed again a few hands later, but this battle woud be their last. On a board of K J 5 2 Jerry Yang bet $4 million and Hilm moved all in. Yang made the call and flipped over A K. Hilm showed 8 5 and the crowd reacted with a mix of glee, dissappointment from the Denmark contingent, and excitment. The river brought the 6and Hilm was eliminated in ninth place. He played an aggressive game early, but Yang was just as aggressive, and the Scandanavian player went from the largest chip stack at the start of the day, to the first player to be eliminated. He will take home $525,934 in prize money as a consolation prize though. Yang is now the overwhelming chip leader and he has a third of the chips in play with over $44 million.


Shuffle Up and Deal

The cards are in the air and play has begun at the 2007 main event final table. Reigning world champion, Jamie Gold, announced the most famous words in the world of poker to the crowd and action began with blinds at  $150,000-$300,000 with a $40,000 ante.

Action Begins Shortly

The first of the players remaining are beginning to stroll into the Amazon room here at the Rio. Action is scheduled to begin at noon. But due to the circus atmosphere of the main event that is sure to be pushed back. Here is how things will look when the players finally do take their seats: 

Seat No. 1: Raymond Rahme – $16,320,000
Seat No. 2: Alex Kravchenko – $6,570,000
Seat No. 3: Lee Childs - -$13,240,000
Seat No. 4:- Jerry Yang – $8,450,000
Seat No. 5: Lee Watkinson – $9,925,000
Seat No. 6: Tuan Lam – $21,315,000
Seat No. 7: Philip Hilm – $22,070,000
Seat No. 8: Jon Kalmar – $20,320,000
Seat No. 9: Hevad "RainKhan" Khan – $9,205,000

Stay tuned to to catch all the action in the event logs, as well as the player blog of online qualifier Hevad "Rain" Kahn.
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