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Buy-In: $1,500
Prize Pool: $982,800
Entrants: 720

Event 53 - Limit Hold'em Shootout

  • Jul 03, '07 - Jul 04, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jul 04, 07)


Ram Vaswani Wins Event No. 53 ($217,438)

Andrew Ward bet $30,000 preflop and Ram Vaswani raised to $60,000. Ward then three bet the action to $90,000 and Vaswni made the call. The flop rolled out A J 2 and Ward bet $30,000. Vaswani called and the turn brought the 8. Ward bet $60,000 and Vaswani raised to $120,000. Ward made the all-in call and tuned up A 10. Vaswani showed down K Q for the nut flush and the river brought yet another heart, the 5. Vaswani won the gold bracelet and $217,438 for his victory in the $1,500 limit hold'em shootout. Ward took home $124,816 for second place.
Player Tags: Ram Vaswani,   Andrew Ward

Ahn Van Nguyen Eliminated in Third Place ($83,538)

On a board of A 6 5 8 Ram Vaswani bet $60,000 and Anh Van Nguyen raised all in for $110,000. Vaswani called him down and turned up K 8. Nguyen showed down A 6 and the river brought the 7. That made Vaswani the flush and eliminated Nguyen in third place. He took home $83, 538 in prize money.
Player Tags: Ram Vaswani

David Mosca Eliminated in Fourth Place ($58,968)

After David Mosca four bet a pot preflop during heads-up action, Ram Vaswani made it five bets to play. Mosca made the all in call for $90,000 and flipped over A 2. Vaswani showed pocket tens and the board was dealt J J 9 8 6. Mosca was eliminated in fourth place and took home $58,968 in prize money.
Player Tags: Ram Vaswani,   David Mosca

Ishak Noyan Eliminated in Fifth Place ($31,450)

On a flop of 10 5 4 Ishak Noyan bet $20,000 and Ram Vaswani raised to $40,000. Noyan reraised all in for $55,000 total and Vaswani made the call. Noyan flipped up K 9 and Vaswani flipped over 10 6. The turn and river brought the 7 and the Q. Noyan hit the rail in fifth place, and he took home $31,450 in prize money.
Player Tags: Ram Vaswani,   Ishak Noyan

Sondre Sagstuen Eliminated in Sixth Place ($19,656)

On a flop of Q 5 3 Sondre Sagstuen bet $15,000 and Andrew Ward raised to $30,000. Sagstuen then reraised all in for $35,000 total and Ward made the call. Ward flipped up 6 4 and Sagstuen showed down 10 7. The turn and river brought the 8 and another six. This paired up Ward's six and Sagstuen was eliminated in sixth place. He took home $19,656 in prize money.
Player Tags: Andrew Ward,   Sondre Sagstuen

David Baker Eliminated in Seventh Place ($12,776)

Andrew Ward bet $10,000 on a flop of Q J 2 and David Baker made the call. The turn brought the 2 and Baker checked. Ward bet $20,000 and Baker reraised all in. Ward called and flipped over A Q. Baker showed Q 9 and after the 8 was no help on the river he was eliminated in seventh place. Baker took home $12,776 in prize money.
Player Tags: David Baker,   Andrew Ward

Raye Puckett Eliminated in Eighth Place ($9,582)

David Baker moved all in preflop and both David Mosca and Raye Puckett made the call. The board of A J 4 8 9 was checked down by Mosca and Puckett, before Puckett moved all in for her final  $10,000. Mosca made the call and turned up K J to take down the side pot when Puckett mucked her hand. Baker showed down A 5 to take down the main pot and triple up to $45,000. Puckett was eliminated in eighth place and she will take home $9,582 in prize money.
Player Tags: David Baker,   Raye Puckett,   David Mosca

Hour Two

Stubborn Shorts Stacks

Hour two of the final table has been marked by a lead change and the resistance efforts of the two short stacks at the final table. David Baker and David Mosca where under $100,000 when they both took down nice-sized pots to keep their heads above water.

Battling Ram

Ram Vaswani was busy during the hour and he grew his stack to $480,000. He eclipsed the second-place stack of Sondre Sagenstuen and never looked back.

Baker Shoots and Scores

Baker bet $6,000 on a flop of 8 5 3 and Sagstuen made the call. Baker fired out $12,000 when the turn brought the Q and Sagstuen called again. The river brought the 10 and once again Baker bet $12,000. Once again Sagstuen made the call, but he mucked when Baker showed down A Q.

Sagstuen takes a Hit
Raye Puckett bet $12,000 on a board of 10 6 6 3 and Sagstuen raised to $24,000. Puckett called and both players timidly checked after the 5 hit on the river. Puckett then reluctantly tuirned over A 10. Sagstuen mucked another hand and had been brought back down to earth from his early chip lead. He was now back at $300,000.

Hour One

Final Table - Day One

That's no typo, it just goes to show how play starts out at a final table where everyone begins with equal chips and 75 big blinds. The action has been reduced to slow needling at the start of this final table.

Sondre Goes Back to Back

Sondre Sagstuen picked up a pot off of David Mosca when he turned up the A J on a board of A A 10 7 A. Mosca mucked his hand when Sagstuen showed the dominant quad aces. Sagstuen then picked up the very next pot with a pair of tens. That sequence of hands vaulted him to the early chip lead.

Movers and Losers

No one has jumped out to a large chip lead yet and most of the stack are hovering around $300,000. The two exceptions to the rule are David Baker who has $200,000 and both Sogstuen and Ishak Noyan who have both eclipsed the $400,000 mark.

Shuffle Up and Deal

The final eight players have taken their seats and are being introduced to the crowd. The blinds will begin at $2,000-$4,000 with $4,000-$8,000 limits. Here is how the final table looks:

Seat No. 1: Sondre Sagstuen
Seat No. 2: David Baker
Seat No. 3: Ishak Noyan
Seat No. 4: Anh Van Nguyen
Seat No. 5: Rayvenia Puckett
Seat No. 6: Andrew Ward
Seat No. 7: David Mosca
Seat No. 8: Ram Vaswani

All eight players will begin with $300,000.
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