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Buy-In: $1,000
Prize Pool: $664,300
Entrants: 730

Event 51 - S.H.O.E.

  • Jul 01, '07 - Jul 02, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jul 03, 07)


Dao Bac Wins the $1,000 S.H.O.E.


Bac came out of the gates full steam beginning heads up play.  While Geyer was taking most of the small pots, each hand that went past the first three cards went Bac’s way.  Bac, showing 2s Ah 10h Jh, won a large pot after Geyer called him all the way down to the river showing 4d 5d 6h 10c, but mucked instead of calling Geyer’s last bet.  Geyer’s stack was quickly cut in half.  Geyer at one point turned to look at the tournament clock saying, “Only 20 minutes to holdem.”  Adam then turned things around, betting Bac off his hands on 5th street on successive hands.  Bac still enjoyed a decent chip lead moving into the holdem round.


In heads up, much like last night when the final table was still being decided, hold'em can be counted on to bring the action. The first three hands were all won before the flop, but the fourth hand went all the way to the river with a lot of action.  Geyer limped from the button and Bac raised.  Geyer called and the flop brought the K Q 10.  Both players checked and the turn brought the 8 and Bac lead out for $60,000.  Geyer quickly raised to $120,000. Bac went into  the tank for a while before making it three bets.  Geyer called and the river brought the 7.  The Bac bet $60,000 and Geyer called.  Bac revealed the J 9 for a flopped straight and Geyer mucked his hand.  Geyer was left extremely short stacked.  He doubled up with top pair against second pair a few hands later, but he was still dangerously short.  The very next hand after doubling, Geyer raised from the big blind.  Bac called and the flop came down 10 7 5.  Geyer bet $30,000 and Bac raised to $60,000. Geyer called and the turn brought the 3.  Geyer bet $60,000 and Bac quickly raised to $120,000.   Geyer went into the tank, talking himself through the hand before putting in the last  of his chips, just barely more than Bac's raise.  Bac revealed the 7 4 and Geyer confidently flipped over the A 7, for the same pair with a higher kicker.  The 4 on the river paired Bac's kicker, however, and Geyer was eliminated in second place ($88,691).  Bac took home $157,975 and the bracelet for his first place finish. 



Hour Three Recap



This level began at a snail’s pace with no hand going past 4th street for the first 15 minutes.  Then Adam Geyer took a large pot off of Chip Jett, to get things going.  On 5th street with 7 2 2 Jett bet $40,000, Geyer raised to $80,000 with A 10 8 6 showing, and Jett called.  Jett received the J on 6th street, Geyer caught the 6, Geyer bet and was called.  Geyer bet on the river, but Jett ultimately mucked his hand.


A few hands later Geyer shipped a large amount of those chips to Dao Bac.  Geyer had 4 5 4 10 showing, while Bac held 8 4 2 A.  Geyer called his river bet, and Bac showed a 8-6 for a pair of eights and a low, which was good enough to scoop the pot.


After losing one more hand, Jett was forced to commit all of his chips to a pair of Queens.  Geyer caught up and busted Jett with Aces up. 


Bac and Geyer then took a 15 minute break, that ran long while they discussed a chop.  Not being able to reach an agreement, they sat back down with Bac enjoying a slight chip lead.


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Chip Jett Eliminated in 3rd Place ($55,801)

Chip Jett was all in on 4th Street with Q 3(A Q) against Adam Geyer with 8 A (10 6).  Geyer caught a low draw on fifth street, but took the lead with an Ace on sixth.  Geyer then rivered a second pair with a 10 on the river, leaving Jett drawing very thin.  The river bricks out for Jett and he earns $55,801 for his finish.

The two players are on a 15 minute break with 3 minutes left in the Stud Eight-or-Better level.  Dao Bac currently leads in chips with approximately $860,000 to Geyer's $630,000.
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Hour Three Recap



Chip Jett was very active in this round of holdem.  Right out of the gate he flopped a straight on a Ks Qc Js board with 10s 9d.  Jett bet it the whole way and Adam Geyer was kind enough to look him up.  Two hands later Raymond Davis made his final stand with A-K, but Dao Bac rivered a straight with a 9s 5s, and Davis bowed out in 4th place.


Jett then continued his dominance, taking a nice pot off of Bac with K J, paired up with the K 7 5 6 10 board. Jett also got action from Bac when he flopped trip Aces later in the round.




Jett and Bac chopped up some of Geyer’s chips in a big family pot early in this round.  The board read K 8 7 K 6, Bac showed a 5-4 for the high, and Jett showed A-3 for the low.


There was a partial color up during the level, and it seems that the players are all pretty even in chips, with Geyer still maintaining the lead.

Player Tags: Chip Jett,   Dao Bac,   Adam Geyer

Raymond Davis Elimnated in 4th Place ($34,012)

Raymond Davis raised to $30,000 under the gun, and Chip Jett and Dao Bac called from the small and big blinds.  Both players checked to Davis on the J 8 7 flop, Davis bet his last $7,000 and both players called.  The turn and river were the 4 and the 6.  Davis and Jett both held A-k, but Bac had 9 5 for the straight.  Davis earned $34,012 for his finish.
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Hour 2 Recap

Players are just now returning from a 15 minute break that followed the conclusion of the Stud round. 




Vladimir Shchemelev might have wanted to sit this round out.  After being scooped in the previous hour by Adam Geyer, Shchemelev was eliminated when he got all of his chips in with Queens and eights with both Chip Jett and Dao Bac calling.  However, Jett turned up three sevens and that spelled disaster (and elimination) for Shchemelev.



Raymond Davis took a sizable pot off of Imre Leibold raising him off the hand on 6th street and showing his pocket sixes to match the one in his board once he folded.  Davis has been the life of the table so far.  He has been very talkative the whole way through, particularly discussing where he’s going to enjoy his winnings tonight.


Adam Geyer has pulled himself into the chip lead do in large part to his elimination of Irme Leibold.  Geyer had Leibold up against it with a made straight to Leibold’s trip Queens, and dodged Leibold’s nine outs on the river to eliminate him.  Geyer then took a nice pot off of Davis, leaving him crippled going into the break.

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Imre Leibold Eliminated in 5th Place ($26,572)

Adam Geyer lead the betting to sixth street with his board showing 10 J A K, Imre Leibold, with his board showing Q 9 Q 8 raised Geyser's bet to put himself all in.  Geyer called and showed his Q J in the hole for the Broadway straight while Leibold held Q 5.  Leibold squeezed his river card, but the 6 failed to fill him up and he was eliminated in 5th place.
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Vladimir Shchemelev Eliminated in 6th Place ($20,793)

Vladimir Shchemelev was eliminated in a three-way pot that was scooped by Chip Jett, Jett held trip sevens, Shchemelev held Queens and eights, and Dao Bac missed his low draw, making two small pair. Shchemelev earned $20,793 for 6th place.
Player Tags: Chip Jett,   Dao Bac

Hour One Recap



Out of the four top names that began at the final table, only two remain after the first hour.  Pat Poels had an unfortunate run in with the chip leader Dao Bac during the most recent holdem level, where his pocket Aces were trumped by Bac’s set of threes. 


Chip Jett was able to double up early getting his money in great against Raymond Davis with A-K vs. A-Q




Poker author Michael Craig was the next to go unable to catch up with Vladimir Shchemelev’s two pair.


Chip Jett was able to double up again this time at the expense of Dao Bac on a board of Q 8 2 6 K.  Jett got his last chips in on the river, and flipped up A-K-Q-4 to beat Bac’s Q-10-5-3.




Shchemelev had barely time to stack his new chips before he had to send most of them to Adam Geyer.  Geyer held (A-7-6) 2 2 3 J to scoop Shchemelev’s (Q-6-3) 8 7 K 5, with a pair of twos and a better low.


Raymond Davis then quartered Geyer when they remarkably both made perfect 6 lows, but Davis held a Queen for high card to beat Geyer’s 10.


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Michael Craig Eliminated in 7th Place ($15,943)

Michael Craig put his last chips in the pot on the turn against Vladimir Shchemelev with the board reading 8-6-6-K and Shchemelev.  The players flipped up their cards, Craig was behind holding A-Q-Q-7 against Shchemelev's A-K-8-3.  The river bricks out and Craig is eliminated in 7th place for the second time this year at the World Series.  He earns $15,943 for his efforts.
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