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Buy-In: $2,000
Prize Pool: $3,709,160
Entrants: 2038

Event 47 - No-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 29, '07 - Jul 01, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jul 01, 07)


Blair Rodman Wins Event 47 ($707,898)

Rodman Wins
Galasso limps on the button with AK and Rodman moves all in with AJ.  Galasso insta-calls and has a commanding lead.  The flop comes J54, hitting Rodman's jack and giving him the lead.  The next two cards come 3Q Rodman's pair of jacks are good and he takes the pot and the tournament.  Galasso will take home the second place money of $448,808.  Rodman wins $707,898 and a gold WSOP bracelet.
Player Tags: Blair Rodman,   Amato Galasso

Hour Four Heads Up

Boat vs Boat
Rodman limps on the button with 95 and Galasso checks with 106.  The flop comes 964 and both players check.  The turn comes 9, Galasso fires out a bet and Rodman makes the call.  The river is the 6, Galasso bets again and Rodman makes the call.  Galasso takes the pot. 

Were still at it
Here are the current chip counts

Blair Rodman -- $4,650,000
Amato Galasso -- $2,800,000

Player Tags: Blair Rodman,   Amato Galasso

Heads Up Action Continues

Marathon Session
We have entered the third hour of heads up play.

Blinds Raised

The blinds are now a staggering $80,000-$160,000, with a $20,000 ante.  Here are the current chip counts:

Amato Galasso -- $5,650,000
Blair Rodman -- $2,450,000

Rodman Doubles
This match has seen tight play, even with Rodman very short stacked. Rodman limped on the button with J3 and Galasso checked with K8.  The flop came K94, Galasso checked and Rodman checked behind.  The turn was the 5, Galasso made a bet for $300,000 and Rodman pushed his remaining stack into the pot.  Galasso make the call, and the 7 hit on the river, making Rodman's backdoor flush.   He now is back to $4,900,000 in chips. 

Back To Small Pots
After the all in action, play has returned to the small pot battles.
Player Tags: Blair Rodman,   Amato Galasso

Heads Up

Blinds Raised
The blinds are now $60,000-$120,000 with a  $15,000 ante.

Marathon Session 
The heads up battle between Rodman and Galasso continues.  It has been back and forth for the last hour, currently the chip counts are:

Glasso - -$4,300,000
Rodman -- $3,800,000

Hour Three Update

Steve Crawford Eliminated 5th ($135,384)
Crawford moves all in with J8 and is called by Klein Bach calls from the big blind with A10.  The board falls 96252.  Crawford fails to improve and is eliminated in fifth place.

Anna Wroblewski Eliminated 4th ($192,876)
Wroblewski pushes with K4 Klein Back calls with A9.  The board comes 33299 Worblewski doesn't improve and is eliminated in fourth place.

Klein Bach Eliminated 3rd ($289,314)
Rodman limps on the button, Amato Galasso calls from the small blind and Bach checks the small blind with 62.  The flop comes 992, Rodman bets with 109, Glasso folds and Bach makes the call.  The turn comes 2, giving both players a full house.  Bach checked then called Rodman's $375,000 bet.  The river comes A, and Rodman pushes all in.  Bach quickly calls and is eliminated in 3rd place.

Heads Up Chip Count
Here are the chip counts for heads up play:

Blair Rodman -- $5,550,000
Amato Galasso -- $2,600,000

Players are on a 15 minute break before heads up play.

Blinds Raised
The blinds are now $40,000-$80,000 with a $10,000 ante.


Hour Three

Clock Already?
Steve Crawford called the clock on Roland De Wolfe after he was thinking for only a minute. This clearly angered De Wolfe, and Ryan Daut called it a breach of poker etiquette. Things began to get heated, but dictator Chris Spears intervened and play continued.

Blinds Raised
The blinds are now $30,000-$60,000 with a $5,000 ante

Roland De Wolfe Eliminated 6th ($98,293)
De Wolfe gets all his money in with AQ and is called by Amato Glasso with A9. The board comes 75434, Glasso his a backdoor flush and eliminates De Wolfe.

Hour Two

Players are on a 25 minute break.

Blinds Raised and Color Up
The blinds have been raised to $20,000-$40,000 with a $5,00 ante.  The yellow $1,000 chips have been eliminated.

David Schnetter Eliminated 8th  ($55,637)
Schnetter picks up Q10 in the cutoff and pushes all in.  Blair Rodman looks down at  A10 and quickly makes the call.  The board comes KK88A, Schnetter fails to improve and is eliminated in 8th place.

Joe Pelton Eliminated 7th ($74,183)
Pelton is dealt 1010 in late position and he raises.  Blair Rodman decides to reraise to $350,000 with KQ.  Pelton shoves all in and Rodman goes into the tank.  Commentator Ryan Daut, points out that Rodman's odds are too good to fold, and Rodman eventually does make the call.  The board comes 773K9, Rodman spikes his king and eliminates Pelton.  

Hour One Update

Mark McKibben Eliminated 9th ($42,655)
Steve Crawford raises from early position with KK and McKibben reraises all in with 99.  Crawford makes the call and the flop comes AQQ8K, it is no help for McKibben and he is eliminated 9th for a $42,655 payday.
Player Tags: Steven Crawford,   Mark McKibben

Final Table Set To Begin

The final table is set to begin, here are the players and chip counts:

Seat 1 - Mark McKibben - $643,000
Seat 2 - David Schnettler - $267,000
Seat 3 - Klein Kim Bach - $1,120,000
Seat 4 - Joe Pelton - $681,000
Seat 5 - Blair Rodman - $712,000
Seat 6 - Steve 'Stan' Crawford - $1,498,000
Seat 7 - Amato Galasso - $1,165,000
Seat 8 - Anna Wroblewski - $1,137,000
Seat 9 - Roland de Wolfe - $961,000

Stay tuned to for hourly updates. 
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