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Buy-In: $1,000
Prize Pool: $1,712,620
Entrants: 1882

Event 41 - World Championship Seniors No-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 25, '07 - Jun 27, '07


Updates on Day 2 (Jun 26, 07)


Final Table Seat

The final table of the World Championship of Senior’s No-Limit has been set and here’s what it looks like…

Seat-6 Ernest Bennett -- $1,062,000

Seat-2 Leon Lewis -- $841,000

Seat-4 Ed Smith -- $520,000

Seat-8 Tony Korfman -- $412,000

Seat-9 Thomas Catanzaro -- $278,000

Seat-7 Rod Clarida -- $174,000

Seat-5 Ray Abels -- $151,000

Seat-1 Jack Deutch -- $133,000

Seat-3 Charles Anderson -- $104,000 

The final table will start tomorrow at 2 p.m., so be sure to check back with for more updates.


One More To Go

Martin Devore was the unfortunate eleventh place finisher as he had to push his last $17,000 in with Q 5 after being crippled the hand before.  He was called by A Q, and received no help from the board.

With that elimination the players were combined to the final table with only one more elimination until the final nine are decided.  Ernest Bennett is the current chip leader.
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Seniors Update

Only 18 players remain in the World Championship of Senior's No-Limit with an average chip stack of $209,111. Check back with to see all of the action unfold.


Dinner Time

The tournament officials gave the option to the players to go on dinner following the completion of the last level and the players unanimously decided to take a break. The dinner break will last until 8:20 p.m.

In the last level Tom McEvoy was eliminated. Hassan Kamoei, the same player that ousted Amarillo Slim, made a large preflop raise. McEvoy called the bet, going all in for his last $35,000 with K K. Kamoei had 10 10. The flop came queen high with three diamonds. The turn brought the 10, the only card that could beat McEvoy. The river bricked out and McEvoy was eliminated.
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Down to 82

The field in this year's Seniors event has narrowed down to 82 players and the pace of play has picked up dramatically. The remaining players are not hesitating to shove all their chips in the middle and play large pot poker. Concurrently, this tournament has also become the loudest and most emotional. Some players are spewing profanitly laced tantrums and causing scenes that are attracting fans over to the rail.

Tom McCormick was all in before the flop up in a massive sized pot against one of the chip leaders, David Icke. McCormick was all in with pocket kings up against Icke's pocket queens. McCormick had a chance to become the chip leader if his kings held up and was up out of his seat in anticipation. The dealer peeled of a queen on the flop and McCormick yelled out as loud as he could. "That's Bull****!" screamed McCormick. The turn and river bricked out and Icke's queens cracked McCormick's kings. McCormick stormed out of the tournament area muttering obscenities.

Mickey Wernick hit the rail when his 9-9 could not take down two callers with A-Q and A-K on a board with an Ace a King and a Queen.

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Hour One Recap

The first level of day two of the 2007 Seniors Event is over and level 12 is already underway. The day started with 153 players and in just one short hour the field is down to 93.

Tom McEvoy has been amongst the chip leaders during the entire tournament and shows no signs of giving up that position. Already sitting with a healthy stack, McEvoy continued to dominate at his table. Following a series of preflop raises and reraises Tom McEvoy found himself involved in a hand with the player in seat eight. McEvoy checked a flop of K 10 4 and his opponent in the eight seat bet out $4,500. McEvoy made the call and the turn was the 9. Both players checked and the river was the 10. McEvoy bet out $12,000 and his opponent thought for a few moments before folding and McEvoy took down the large pot.

The most notable elimination of the last hour, and of the entire tournament for that matter, was that of Amarillo Slim. Coming into day two as the chip leader, Amarillo Slim was eliminated by Hassan Kamoei shortly before the end of level 11. Kamoei raised to $9,000 and Slim reraised to $34,000. Kamoei came back over the top all in for $60,000. Slim was barely covered and made the call. Slim showed 10 10 and Kamoei was holding A A. The board came 4 3 2 J J and Amarillo Slim was eliminated. The players at Slim's table began to applaud and soon the entire tournament area was clapping as Amarillo Slim walked away from his table. Tournament Official Nolan Dolla announced Slim's elimination over the loud speaker and labeled Slim as "a great ambassador of the game." The entire Amazon Room joined in applause and Slim simply smiled, doffed his rattlesnake cowboy hat and simulated the motion of playing a violin. Kamoei jumped to almost $120,000 after the hand and now finds himself in the top five in chips.

Mickey Wernick from England doubled up to $40,000 in chips when his KK stood up against his caller's A9. Read his Pro Blog at

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Day Two Set to Begin

Day two of the 2007 Seniors Event is set to begin at 2 p.m. There are 153 players remaining and the money bubble burst late last night so expect play to pick up without the added pressure of missing the money. Amarillo Slim and Tom McEvoy still both have healthy chip stacks and plenty of fight in them. Check back with to follow all the action.
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