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Buy-In: $2,000
Prize Pool: $1,090,180
Entrants: 599

Event 37 - Pot-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 22, '07 - Jun 24, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jun 24, 07)


Greg Hopkins Wins Event #37

Jason Newburger raised on the button with KQ and was reraised by Hopkins with JJ.  Newburger pushed and Hopkins made the call. The board was 1092104, Newburger failed to improve and was eliminated in second place for $165,707.  Greg Hopkins wins $269,274 and his first WSOP bracelet.

Hour Seven

Jason Newburger Doubles
Newburger raises with 65 and is reraised by Hopkins with KQ. Newburger shoves all in, and Hopkins calls. The board comes A6210A, Newburger spikes his six and doubles to over $600,000 in chips.

Will Sombody Do Something Please
Both players are playing very tight and conservative. Lots of missed betting opportunities.

Hour Six

Hour six begins with a 15 minute break

Hopkins Doubles Up
Yuval Bronshtein raises with KQ and Greg Hopkins reraises the pot with A9, making it $290 to go.  Bronshtein just calls, and the flop comes Q108.  Hopkins open pushes, Bronshtein stands then calls.  He keeps the lead when the turn comes 8, but the river shows the A.  Hopkins makes a huge double up, and takes the chip lead.

Yuval Bronshtein Eliminated 3rd ($109,018)
Greg Hopkins raises on the button with A10 and Bronshtein reraises all in for $435,000 with 66.  Hopkins makes the call and the board comes AQ8JK, eliminating Bronshtein in third place.

Heads Up
Play is now heads up, here are the chip counts:

Greg Hopkins -- $1,625,000
Jason Newburger -- $315,000


Hour Five

Blinds Raised
The blinds are now $15,000-$30,000

Newburger Doubles Up, Bronshtein Makes Big Laydown
Newburger pushes his last $150,000 chips from under the gun with 88.  Pete Lawson reraises the pot with AK, and action is on Bronshtein with AQ.  He stands and goes deep into the tank.  He finally says, "I have such a good hand," then folds.  The board brings no help to Lawson and Newberger doubles up to $325,000 chips.

Lawson Crippled
Lawson makes it $105,000 from the button and Newburger repots with 99.  He is all in and Lawson calls. The board comes KQ59K, crippling Lawson. He was eliminated on the next hand.

Pete Lawson Eliminated 4th ($72,497)
Lawson moves all in under the gun with K9, Newburger calls to finish the job and tables 22.  The board comes 109454 and he is eliminated in 4th place for a $72,497 payday.


Hour Four

Lawson Doubles Up
Yuval Bronshtein raises with A9 and is reraised by Pete Lawson with JJ.  Bronshtein has been playing very aggressively, and commentator Shawn Rice made a good point.  He noted that Bronshtein was in an especially tough spot due to his aggressiveness.  He wasn't sure of if Lawson was playing back at him because he was raising so much, or if he truly had a big hand.  He ended up making the call, and the board came K8327.  Bronshtein guessed wrong, and Lawson doubled up.

David Zarrin Eliminated 5th ($52,874)
Lawson holds KQ in a three way flop with David Zarrin and Greg Hopkins.  He flops the joint when it comes A-J-10.  Zarrin leads out and Lawson raises.  Hopkins folds and the turn comes a 7.  Both players check and river is a Q.  Zarrin shoves and Lawson insta-calls.  Zarrin is eliminated in 5th place.

Once again there is an unnecessary break.

Hour Three

Bob Collison Eliminated 6th ($41,427)
Yuval Bronshtin raised with J4 and Collison reraised all in with Q9. Bronshtin made the call and the flop came K103. The turn was the 7 but the river brought the 4 sending Collison home in sixth place for a $41,427 payday.

Players are on an extended break/TV timeout. These frequent breaks seem to be pretty unessessary.

Yuval Bronshtein now has around a $500,000 chip lead over his closes opponent, Greg Hopkins.

Hour Two

Blinds raised
The blinds are now $8,000-$16,000

Ray Coburin Eliminated 8th ($22,894)
Coburin raises the pot and is reraised by Gioi Luong.  Coburin makes the call and tables 4-4 while Luong shows A-K.  The board comes KJ2107, Coburin gets no help and is eliminated in eight place.

Gioi Loung Eliminated 7th ($31,070)
Loung raises with AK and Yuval Bronshtein defends his blind with K8.  The flop comes AK8, Luong bets and Bronshtein reraises.  Loung goes all in and Bronshtein makes the call.  One of the players at the table claimed he folded an eight, and Bronshtein is drawing to the case eight.  The turn is the case 8 and Bronshtein takes the lead.  The river bricks and Loung is done in 7th place for a 31,070 payday.

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Hour one recap

Here are the final table players and their chip counts:

Seat 1 - David Zarrin ($238,000)
Seat 2 - Ray Coburn ($100,000)
Seat 3 - Pete Lawson ($198,000)
Seat 4 - Gioi Luong ($240,000)
Seat 5 - Yuval Bronshtein ($516,000)
Seat 6 - Bryan O'Connell ($179,000)
Seat 7 - Bob Collison ($197,000)
Seat 8 - Jason Newburger ($278,000)
Seat 9 - Greg Hopkins ($454,000)

Play Underway
Play has started within the black curtins in the Amazon Room

Bryan O'Connell Eliminated 9th ($16,353)
O'Connell raises from late position with AJ and is reraised by Greg Hopkins.  O'Connell goes into the tank, then finally shoves all in.  Hopkins quickly calls and shows down 10-10.  The board comes Q2284, sending O'Connell home in 9th place.
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