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Buy-In: $5,000
Prize Pool: $1,316,000
Entrants: 280

Event 36 - World Championship Omaha High-Low 8/OB

  • Jun 21, '07 - Jun 23, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jun 23, 07)


John Guth Wins Event #36 ($363,216 )

John Guth Wins Event #36 ($363,216)
On the final hand Robert Stevanovski limped on the button and Guth checked.  The flop came Q98, Guth checked and Stevanovski bet $80,000.  Guth check raised and Stevanovski called for his tournament life.  Guth showed down 10993 for a set of nines, and he was way ahead of Stevanovski's K-10-9-7.  The turn and river bricked when they came 85, and Guth took down the pot and the title.  Stevanovski takes home the second place money, $218,456. 
Player Tags: Robert Stevanovski,   John Guth

Hour Six Update

The heads up battle between Robert Stevanovski and John Guth has gone fast and furious.   Both players have exchanged chip leads and whenever one is within reach of elimination he seems to battle back.  They are currently about even in chips.

Blinds Raised
The blinds are now $30,000-$60,000.

The players are on a 15 minute break.

Hour Five

David Flores Crippled then Eliminated ($148,708)
In a series of two hands, David Flores was crippled then eliminated.  In the first hand John Guth raised preflop and Flores reraised.  Guth made the call and the flop came 973.  Flores bet and Guth smooth called.  The turn brought the J, Flores bet and Guth raised.  Flores made the call and the river surfaced the 9.  Flores check then called Guth's river bet.  Guth tabled 9-3-X-X for a full house and took down the pot, crippling Flores in the process.
On the next hand Flores got his last $120,00 all in preflop against Robert Stevanovski.  Flores showed down QQ73 but ran into a monster when Stevanovski showed down AAKK.  The board fell J1087J, shipping Stevanovski the pot and bring play down to heads up.

Heads Up Begins
Heads up play has started with the chip counts:
John Guth -- $1,880,000
Robert Stevanovski - -$920,000

Guth Rolling
Guth has just won three huge pots and now has a commanding chip lead.

Stevanovski Battles
Stevanovski is now even in chips with Guth.

Players are on a short break.

Blinds Raised
The blinds are now $25,000 - $50,000

Hour Four

Greg Jamison Eliminated 5th ($75,012)
Robert Stevanovski raised preflop and Jamison made the call.  The flop fell Q76, Jamison bet and Stevanovski called.  The turn came 7, and again Jamison bet and Stevanovski flat called.  The river was the A and Jamison moved all in with A-6-X-X.  Stevanovski quickly called and tabled A-Q-X-X, taking down the pot and knocking Jamison out of the tournament in sixth place.

Max Reynaud Eliminated 4th ($101,332)
Reynaud gets it all in preflop against John Guth and Robert Stevanovski.  Both players check the A10352 board all the way down. Stevanovski turns over 4-6 and takes the pot eliminating Reynaud in 4th place.

Blinds Raised
The blinds are now $20,000-$40,000.


Hour Three Update

Michael Pollowitz Eliminated 7th ($44,744)
Pollowitz limped and Randy Jensen checked out of the big blind.  The flop came A54, Jensen bet and Pollowitz reraised all in.  Jensen made the call and showed down A-J-7-4, while Pollowitz tabled A-Q-Q-10.  The turn came 2 and the river 9.  Jensen takes the pot and sends Pollowitz home in 7th place.

Randy Jenson Eliminated 6th ($59,220)
Jensen gets all of his chips in the middle in a three way pot with the board showing Q107.  He is called by both Greg Jamison and John Guth.  Both players checked the Q turn and 9 river for a three way showdown.  Only Guth needed to show his cards however and he tabled K-K-J-X for the straight.  Neither Jamison nor Jensen could beat it, and both tossed their cards into the muck.  That eliminated Jenson in sixth place.

Players are on a short 15 minute break.

Blinds Raised
The blinds are now $15,000-$30,000 with $30,000-$60,000 betting rounds.
Player Tags: Randy Jensen,   Michael Pollowitz

Hour Two

Randy Jensen Strikes Back
Shortly after getting quartered in a pot by John Guth, Randy Jensen battled for his tournament life against Mike Pollowitz.  On a flop of 1066, Jensen bet and Pollowitz called.  The turn came 7 and both players checked.  The river was the 4, Jensen bet and Pollowitz put him all in.  Jensen insta-call and tabled AJ-A-2 for the flush and the nut low.  Pollowitz showed down A-2 for the nut low with a straight.  Jensen takes three quarters of the pot and stays alive.

Break and Color Up
The players are on a 15 minute break.  Tournament staff are removing the yellow $1,000 chips.  The blinds have been raised to $10,000-$20,000 with $20,000-$40,000 betting.

Bart Hanson Eliminated 8th ($32,900)
Bart Hanson has been eliminated in 8th place.  Due to the setup of the final table, we were unable to see the specifics of the hand.

Player Tags: Bart Hanson

Play Begins

Play Begins
Play restarts with 1:30 seconds in the $5,000-$10,000 level.  The blinds will then go up to $8,000-$15,000.

Action Slow
After playing a grueling session until 4am this morning, players have started out slow.  It is a split game, and all of the major pots so far have been divided. 

Jim Grove Eliminated 9th ($23,688)
David Flores and Jim Grove makes the call.  Grove checks the A85 flop, then calls Flores $15,000 bet.  The turn comes 4, Grove checks and Flores puts him all in.  Grove makes the call with a flush draw, and Flores tables 2-3 for the wheel.  The river bricks with the 10 and Grove is sent home in 9th place.

Player Tags: David Flores,   Jim Grove

Final Table Set to Begin

The final table of the Omaha eight or better is set to begin at 4pm local time. 

Here is the final table players with their chip counts.

Seat 1 - Reynaud Max - $529,000
Seat 2 - Bart Hanson - $191,000
Seat 3 - John "SirScoopalot" Guth - $387,000
Seat 4 - Randy Jensen - $283,000
Seat 5 - Greg Jamison - $223,000
Seat 6 - Michael Pollowitz - $189,000
Seat 7 - David Flores - $450,000
Seat 8 - Robert Stevanovski - $384,000
Seat 9 - Jim Grove - $163,000

The event started with 280 player making a prize pool of 1,316,000
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