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Buy-In: $3,000
Prize Pool: $2,282,520
Entrants: 827

Event 28 - No-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 17, '07 - Jun 19, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jun 19, 07)


Hour Eight

Jason Song Eliminated 3rd ($212,274)
Song gets all his money in with Q5 and runs into Shankar Pillai's AA. Song gets no help when the board comes JJ8JK and he is sent home in third place.

Heads Up
Shankar Pillai and Beth Shak are now heads up.  The ESPN crew is assembling the money for the presentation here are the chip counts:

Beth Shak -- $2,550,000
Shankar Pillai -- $2,410,000

Historic Night?
If Shak can win this event, it will be the first time in the history of the WSOP that two women have won gold on the same day.  What makes it more impressive is that both women won open events.

Shankar Pillai Wins Event #28 ($527,829)
Pillai raised to $180,000 and Shak reraised $550,000 more.  Pillai made the call and the flop came 1083 and as she had done many times before, opened all in. This put Pilli deep into the tank and he took over a minute to make his decision.  The arena was as quiet as we have seen it, then Pilli made the call.  Shaks section burst into applause when she tabled K8, but the applause was quickly drowned by the ruckus of Pillai supporters when his A8 were announced by tournament director Sam Minutello.  The turn brought the 7 and the river the 2, shipping Pillai the pot and the tournament.
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Play Resumes

Play Resumes
Play has restarted three handed.

Jason Song Doubles Up.
Song gets it all in with J10 but is dominated by Shankar Pillai's A10.  The board comes J6532, and Song doubles up.

Same Song
Song again gets it all against Pillai.  This time Song has the best hand with 99 versus Pillai's KQ.  The board bricks for Pillai when it comes A3364, and Song doubles up again.

Shankar Pillai Doubles Up
Beth Shak raises to $225,000 and Pillai reraises all in for another $575,000.  Shak insta-calls and his AA are dominating Shaks 88.  The board comes KJJ96 and Shankar doubles up.

Two Woman, Two Braclets?
Katja Thater has just won the Seven Card Razz event, and  Beth Shak is down to the final three in the $3,000 no limit hold'em.  If she wins, it would be two female winners in open events on the same day. 
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Hour Six Update

Dustin Holmes Eliminated 4th ($141,516)
Holmes raises on the button to $115,000 and Pillai makes the call from the big blind.  The flop comes Q43 and both players check.  The turn is the 5, Pillai checks and Holmes bets out $150,000.  Pilli raises to $320,000 and Holmes moves all in.  Pillai calls and turns over A2 for a wheel, and Holmes shows A4.  The river comes J and Holmes is eliminated in 4th place for a $141,516 payday.

Dinner Break
The players are on dinner break until 9:00.

Hour Five Update

Hellmuth Doubles Up
Hellmuth raises to $120,000 and Dustin Holmes puts him all in.  Hellmuth insta-calls with K10 and as soon as Fineman tables QJ Hellmuth sprints over to Ivey to make a bet.  The terms are quickly agreed upon, and Hellmuth ends up betting another $30,000 against himself on the QJ.  The board comes 5438A, Hellmuth's king high takes down the pot, doubling him to around $600,000 in chips.  It also costs him another $30,000 in real money, and he claimed he was now down $89,000 to Ivey on the night.

Holmes Doubles Up
Dustin Holmes moves all in with K10 and is called by Ben Fineman with AK.  The board comes 1042710 and Holmes doubles up.

Phil Hellmuth Eliminated 6th ($76,464)
Hellmuth raises to $120,000 and is called by Beth Shak.  The flop comes Q106, and Shak moves all in, putting Hellmuth to a decision for all of his chips.  Hellmuth makes the call and shows down A10, but is behind Shak's KQ.  he next two cards brick out when they come 92 and Hellmulth is eliminated in 6th place.  He ends up losing $109,000 to Ivey on the day, so even though he made $76,464 for sixth place he is down $32,536 on the night. 

Ben Fineman Eliminated 5th ($100.431)
Ben Fineman pushes all in on the button with Q3 and is quickly called by Jason Song with 99.  The board comes 764AJ and Fineman is send home in 5th place with a $100,431 payday.

Hour Four Update

Players are on a 15 minute break.

Blind Raised
The blinds are now $20,000-$40,000 with a $5,000 ante.

Play Slows
It seems that some of the Adrenalin has warn off here at the final table.  Players have quieted down, as has the rail.  Play has tightened up and the party atmosphere that was the story of the first few hours has been replaced with a businesslike one. 

Prop Bets
Phil Ivey is now accepting prop bets on pretty much anything.  He just lost a $1,000 bet on whether Hellmuth would lay down a hand after being rerasied.  He did, and Ivey lost the bet.  Beth Shak heard the bet and warned the rail not to become too degenerate, Ivey responded, "I'm just getting started." 

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Hour Three

More Stars
Mike Matusow, Erick Lindgren, Gavin Smith, and Josh Arieh have all joined the rail of the final table.  There is a great vibe in the room, kind of like a big home game (with about 200 spectators).  Pros are yelling to Hellmuth and Friedman, and everyone seems to be having a great time.

Magic in the Room, Brett Richey Eliminated 8th ($42,227)
Wow.  In a truly amazing poker moment, Brett Richey has been eliminated.  Brett Richey raises to $80,000 and Beth Shak moves all in.  Phil Hellmuth immediately moves all in, and in response Shak starts dancing.  Hellmuth starts celebrating as well, and they give each other a high five.  Then, unexpectedly Richey calls as well.  Shack tables her hand first, AA and the crowd explodes.  Richey then shows down KK and a sick groan mixed with cheers goes up.  Then Hellmuth drops  AA  on the table, and rail erupts the loudest it has been at this years WSOP.   The board comes 107384, Richey is sent home, and Hellmuth splits with Shak.

Perry Friedman Eliminated 7th ($57,063)
Perry Friedman moves all in from late position with J10 and is called by Phil Hellmuth out of the big blind with A3. Hellmuth immediately goes to Ivey, and in a Godfather like scene, negotiates a deal to once again purchase insurance.  The board comes 7645J, Hellmuth his a straight and sends Friedman home 7th for a $57,063.  


Hour Two

3 Way All In -- Daniel Corbin Eliminated 9th ($30.814)
In a massive hand Daniel Corbin has been eliminated, Shankar Pillai tripled up and Beth Shak took a huge hit.  Daniel Corbin moved all in for his last $109,000 and Pillai reraised all in for $258,000.  Beth Shak then moved all in as well with both players covered.  Corbin showed K9, Pillai 88, and Shak AQ.  The board came J7633, tripling Pillai up to $680,000, knocking Shak down to $335,000 and sending Corbin home in 9th place for a $30,814 payday.

Hellmuth Doubles Again
On a board of AJ6 Ben Fineman bets and Hellmuth immediately moves all in.  Fineman makes the call and Hellmuth tables A8.  Fineman tables J9 and before the turn comes Hellmuth yells, "I want insurance where's Ivey?" When Hellmulth asks him for insurance Ivey replies, "Oh, you got it, what is it (in reference to what the cards are)."  After looking it over they decide that Hellmuth will risk $30,000 to Ivey's $90,000.  The next two cards come 73, and Hellmuth doubles up.  He also loses another $30,000 to Ivey prompting Hellmuth to say, "I've ran out of money in my pocket."  That gives Ivey a $50,000 profit on the day, good for 8th place money for the final table with a lot less work. 

Players are on a 15 minute break. 

Break Ends
Phil Hellmuth is MIA after the break and tournament staff is about to restart with out him.


Hour One Update

Apparently Hellmuth is very relaxed.  In between hands he is making trips to the rail to converse with some of the pros there.  The tournament director has had to wait for Hellmuth a couple of times before the cards were dealt .

Blinds raised
The blinds are now $10,000-$20,000 with a $3,000 ante.

Tight Play
The play so far has been surprisingly  tight.   As we have seen at most of the no limit final tables, it usually becomes an all in fest.  As of now we are playing poker, lets hope it continues.

Hellmuth Doubles Up
Hellmuth raises to $40,000 and Brett Richey puts him all in.  Hellmuth instantly shoving his whole stack in the middle of the table.  He then turns over AA while Richey tables 74.  Hellmuth runs over to his wife, and as he is talking to her Phil Ivey yells, "Hey Phil you want insurance?"  Hellmuth bounds back across the area and quickly discusses things with Ivey.  He then makes the announcement, "It's ok honey, if we lose this hand Phil Ivey will pay us $90,000."  The board comes KJ8KK, and Hellmuth doubles up. 

Luke Vrable Eliminated 10th ($21,456)
Vrable moves all in for his last $218,000 and Ben Fineman moves all in over the top.  No one else calls and Vrable is behind when he shows 99 against Fineman's QQ.  The board comes AK857, Vrable doesn't improve and is sent home in 10th place.

Hellmuth Ties Cloutier
With the elimination Phil Hellmuth has now tied T.J. Coutier with the most final tables in WSOP history.  Congratulations Phil!

Quest for 12 Begins

Phil Hellmuth's quest for his 12th bracelet has begun.  The rail is packed with top pros, including Phil Ivey, Andy Bloch, and Phil Gordon.  Here are the chip counts for the final table players: Dustin Holmes ($1,076,000), Beth Shak ($740,000), Brett Richey ($738,000), Perry Freidman ($723,000), Skankar Pillai ($371,000), Luke Vrable ($315,000), Jason Song ($284,000), Benjamin Fineman ($272,000), Phil Hellmuth ($213,000), Daniel Corbin ($210,000).

Hellmuth comes into the tournament as one of the short stacks and will have some serious work to do against a talented table.  The blinds are $8,000-$16,000 with a $3,000 ante.  Stay Tuned to for hourly logs.
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