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Buy-In: $2,500
Prize Pool: $878,600
Entrants: 382

Event 16 - H.O.R.S.E

  • Jun 09, '07 - Jun 11, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jun 11, 07)


James Richburg Wins Event #16 ($238,881)

Chris Bjorin Eliminated 3rd ($83,249)
Limit Hold'em.  Richburg raises to $40,000 on the button and Browne reraises to $60,000 from the small blind.  Bjorin goes all in for his last $43,000.  The flop comes 862, Browne bets $20,000 and Richburg raises to $40,000.  Brown makes the call and checks the turn when it comes K.  Richburg bets and Browne mucks.  Richburg tables A2 and Bjorin shows J10.  The river bricks, and Bjorin is sent home in third place with a $83,249 payday.

Action Heats Up
The slow three handed action has given way to aggressive heads up play.  It's almost as if two different players are now seated.  Action is coming fast and furious.

"I'm Freerolling."
Walter Browne talking about life and poker , "Man, I had neck cancer, I almost died.  I'm freerolling!" 

James Richburg Wins Event #16 ($238,881)
Razz.  After a series of raises Browne and Richburg get it all in.  Browne has (5-2) 7 and Richburg (4-2) 3.  Browne's full hand is  is dealt A-K-10-7-5-5-2, and Richburg's A-2-3-3-4-4-6.  Richburg wins $238,881, and his second WSOP gold bracelet.  He was the winner of last year's Razz event.

Player Tags: Walter Browne,   James Richburg

Three Handed

Tom Schneider Eliminated 4th ($54,913)
In stud Tom Schneider goes all in with KJ98876 but loses when he runs into Walter Browne's KKQ9532

Fold O'Rama
The Las Vegas School Of Dealing could open a H.O.R.S.E. class here in the Rio.  90 percent of the hands are being folded preflop and the only person doing anything is the dealer.  None of the three remaining players has shown any sign of aggression.  We may be here all night until the blinds are significant enough to force some action.
Player Tags: Tom Schneider

Four Handed

Ali Eslami Eliminated 5th ($42,501)
Ali Eslami has been eliminated by James Richburg.

Tom Schneider Loses Big Pot
Tom Schneider calls, Walter Browne raises, Chris Bjorin calls and James Richburg calls.  The flop is Q53, Bjorin bets and Schneider is the only caller.  The turn comes 8, Bjorin bets and Schneider calls again.  The river surfaces the 7 Bjorin bets again and Schneider instantly makes the call.  Bjorin tables AQ62 and Schneider disgustedly mucks.

Deep Stack Mixed Game = Long Final Table
Every players is deep, the blinds are low and the players have all night ahead of them.  This table is going to go way into the night. 
Player Tags: Tom Schneider,   Ali Eslami

Five Handed

Rob Mizrachi Eliminated 6th ($31,985)
Rob Mizrachi was eliminated by Chris Bjorin shortly before the dinner break.

Ali Eslami Doubles Up
In stud eight or better, Walter Browne raised showing the 5 and Eslami reraised with the A.  Browne made the call and fourth street brought him the 2.  Eslami bet his 2 and Browne made the call.  Eslami bet fifth street when he paired his two's with the 2 and Browne called with the 9.  Both players got sixes on 6th street, Eslami bet the 6 and Browne raised with the 6.  Eslami made the call putting himself all in.  He tabled (43)A226 and Browne showed (83)5296.  Seventh street gave Eslami the 6 and Browne the 2.  Eslami took the high and the low and made a huge double up. 

Mrs. Schneider
Every time Tom Schenider wins a pot his wife (wearing the WSOP bracelet he won earlier this year)  yells the same thing from the rail, "Thats what you do baby!"  Ali Eslami seems to get a kick out of it every time.  When she missed Schenider raking a pot Ali Eslami picked her up and to told Schenider, "Thats what you do baby!" It drew a big grin from Schenider and some laughs from everyone else.

Where is everybody?
The final table of the H.O.R.S.E. event has almost no people watching it.  For a game of such tremendous skill, it is a shame to have such little intrest in the outcome.  This, combined with no one in the Rio being able to see Hellmuth with his 11th bracelet (he was playing in the sequestered table) clearly put a damper on what could have been an electric day in the Amazon Room. 


Dinner Break

Mizrachi Battle Back
Rob Mizrachi has battled back from two all ins to control a stack he can work with.  He's still short, but not out of it.

Dinner Break
Players are on a dinner break until 9:00

Final Table Hour One

Harry Kazazinan Eliminated 8th ($17,964)
With the game $8,000-$16,000 hold'em, Rob Mizrachi raises to $16,000, Harry Kazazinan goes all in for his last $18,000 and Tom Schneider calls.  The flop comes 753 and Tom Schneider moves all in.  Mizrachi makes the call with K9, Kazazinan shows J10, and Schneider 99.  The turn and river come 97, Schneider triples up and Kazazinan is eliminated 8th.

Herb Van Dyke Eliminated 7th ($24,536)
Action is folded to Herb Van Dyke in the small blind and he makes the call.  James Richburg raises out of the big blind and Van Dyke calls.  The flop comes K98, Van Dyke bets and Richburg moves him all in.  Van Dyke makes the call with K10, but is behind when Richburg shows KQ.  The next two cards brick, and Van Dyke is sent home in 7th place for $24,536.

Final Table Underway

Alexandra Vuong Eliminated 9th ($12,213)
In Stud eight or better Vuong goes all in on third street against her opponent, and is given AKQJ73X.  She muckes her down card when her opponent shows AAQ9644.  Vuong is sent home in 9th place for $12,213.

Final Table Set:
The final table of the $2,500 H.O.R.S.E. event has been set.  Here are the remaining players:

Seat 1: Ali Eslami
Seat 2: Rob Mizrachi
Seat 3: Herb Van Dyke
Seat 4: Harry Kazazinan
Seat 5: James Richburg
Seat 6: Tom Schneider
Seat 7: Walter Browne
Seat 8: Chris Bjorin

Really Rob?
Rob Mizrachi has a lot of chips coming into the final table, so naturally his focus is 100 percent on winning the event....or not.  He asked the floorman how long the final table would take, and if the floorman thought he would have chance to buy in to the tournament starting at 5pm.  Mizrachi then conceded he would miss that event and begrudgingly decided to focus on winning the one he as final tabled. 
Player Tags: Robert Mizrachi,   Herb VanDyke

Hour Two Update

Down to Ten
The final table is just two eliminations away.

Not Making Any Friends
On seventh street facing a bet, Harry Kazazinan places his chips in front of his cards, cuts them then shuffles them.  After he had cut them the player who made the bet, Ali Eslami tabled his hand.  Kazazinan claimed he hadn't made the call and was stll thinking and stated he should not have to make the bet.  The floorman was called over and he ruled that because Kazazinan cut the chips in front of this cards it looked too much like a call and he had to put the chips in.  Kazazinan strongly disagreed and continued to argue for an extended period of time.  Eventually the floorman got fed up. told Kazazinan his decision was final and ended the discussion.  Kazazinan then tabled his hand, and ended up splitting part of the pot.  A couple of the players pointed out that the discussion ended up being pointless, but Kazazinan maintained that the floorman made the wrong decision.

Gigabet vs Mizrachi
Both Darrell Dicken and Robert Mizrachi have large stacks at their table, and it looks like they are going to play against each other quite a bit.  In one stud hand, Dicken completed showing the K and Mizrachi made the call with the 6.  Fourth street came 8 for Dicken and he bet and Mizrachi called with he hit the 8.  Fifth street was Dicken 10, Mizrachi 5 and both players checked.  Sixth street gave Dicken a pair with the 10, he bet and Mizrachi called with the Q.  Dicken checked seventh street, and Mizrachi bet.  Dicken thought for a second, then folded. 
Later on, Mizrachi complemented Dicken on his mixed game play.  Mizrachi pointed out that it was their first time playing mixed against each other, and for a hold'em specialist Dicken was surprisingly skilled.

Hour One Update

Early Busts
Four players busted early in the H.O.R.S.E. event:
20. Jason Sagle
19. David Botton
18. John Gale
17. Michael DeMichele

Mizrachi and Rasmussen Battle
In Omaha Eight or better Rob Mizrachi raises to $4,000 and Thayer Rasmussen reraises to $8,000.  Mizrachi makes the call and the flop comes 883.  Rasmussen bets and Mizrachi calls.  The turn comes J and both players check.  The river is the Q, Mizrachi bets and Rasmussen makes the call.  Mizrachi tables QJ109 for the straight, and Rasmussen disgustedly chucks his cards into the muck.

Darrell Dicken Chips Up
Dicken raises to $8,000, Steve Graboski calls from the small blind and Rob Mizrachi calls from the big.  The flop comes JJ4, Graboski bets, Mizrachi folds and Dicken raises.  Graboski makes the call, the turn is the 10 and both players check.  The river comes K, Graboski checks and Dicken bets.  Graboski hesitantly makes the call then mucks when he sees Dicken table A443

Thayer Rasmussen Eliminated 16th
Rob Mizrachi has finished the job and eliminated a disappointed Rasmussen in 16th place. 

Final 20 of H.O.R.S.E. Underway

The final 20 players of the H.O.R.S.E. championship have arrived.  They will play down to a winner today.  Stay tuned to for hourly updates until the conclusion of the event.
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