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Buy-In: $5,000
Prize Pool: $1,870,600
Entrants: 398

Event 13 - World Championship Pot-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 08, '07 - Jun 10, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jun 10, 07)


Heads Up Hour Two

Hour Two..
Once again the technological gremlins have stolen the hour long. Luckily nothing really happened, and with the blinds now $60,000-$80,000 the players are still even in chips. Play has been passive, with a surprisingly high amount of check behind in position. Then again Cunningham is a 4 time WSOP bracelet winner and Lisandro a high stakes specialist. If one thing is for sure, the both know what they are doing.

Chips Finally Moving
Jeff Lisandro raised to $220,000 and Cunningham makes the call. The flop comes 763, Lisandro bet $300,000 and Cunningham called again. The turn brought the 5 and Lisandro checked. Cunningham bet $300,000 and Lisandro folded.
Allen Cunningham Wins #5
Jeffery Lisandro raised to $165,000 and Cunningham reraised to $495,000.  Lisandro quickly moved all in. Cunningham made the call with K9 but was behind Lisandro's QQ. Cunningham's girlfriend, Mellissa Hayden, lead a group sweat in the media booth that included Full Tilt pro Andy Bloch. She made sure everyone rooted for a king, saying that if just one person wished for a nine it would break the "Mojo." The flop came A83, and Lisandro was in prime position to double up. But the turn brought the K and the rail exploded in victorious cheers. The river came 7 shipping Cunningham the pot, $487,287, and his fifth WSOP bracelet.

Heads Up

The blinds are still $20,000-$40,000 for 15 minutes after the dinner break

Small Pots
In the beginning of this match both players are feeling each other out.  They have kept the pots small so far, and unless they both pick up huge hands this match is going to a lengthy one. 

Blinds Raised
The blinds are now $30,000-$60,000

Small Pots Continue
Allen Cunningham has consistently raised the pot when in position preflop, the passed up the opportunity to continuation bet.  That has kept pots small and action moving.

Sample Pot
Here is a hand that shows how the action has been so far.  Allen Cunningham raised to $155,000 preflop and Jeff Lisandro called.  The flop came 753, and both players checked.  The turn was the Q and again both players checked.  The river came 9 Lisandro bet $100,000 with 76 and Cunningham called with QJ.  The pots have been small and showdowns cheap at this point. 

Heads Up Begins

Allen Cunningham and Jeffrey Lisandro have begun their heads up battle.

Here are the chip counts:

Allen Cunningham -- $2,155,000
Jeff Lisandro -- $1,850,000

Cunningham is going for his fifth bracelet, and the rail is packed with onlookers.  Stay tuned for hourly updates.


Hour Five Update

Humberto Brenes Eliminated 3rd ($197,348)
Humberto Brenes gets it all in preflop against Allen Cunningham with 109.  Cunningham shows AQ and spikes a queen when the flop comes Q82.  Brenes has a gutshot and picks up an additional four outs when the turn is the 7.  The river blanks when it comes 4 and Brenes is eliminated 3rd for $197,348. 

Dinner Break
Players are on dinner break until 9:30.

Hour Four Update

Your First Half of Hour Four...
Has been lost, thanks to computer problems.  Heres a quick rundown of what was lost.  Very vivid description of Humberto Brenes doubling up and Travis Rice busting in 6th place. 

Blinds Raised
The blinds have been raised to $20,000-$40,000.

Jason Lester Doubles Up
Jason Lester raises to $130,000 and Joe Patrick reraises to $400,000.  Lester makes the call for his last $290,000 and tables AJ.  Lester shows 99 and board comes 10522J.  Lester spikes a jack on the river to double up keep the table six handed.  

Jeffrey Lisandro Takes Out Two
Joe Patrick raised to $140,000, Jeff Lisandro reraised to $300,000 and Jason Lester moved all in for his last $580,000.  Patrick made the call as did LisandroPatrick tabled 77, Lester AK and Lisandro QQ.  The flop came JJ9 and the queens were the best hand at the time.  The turn was the 6, and Lisandro was one card away from eliminating two players.  The best hand actually held when river came 6 sending both Patrick and Lester home.  Because he has less chips, Patrick took 5th place and won $99,142 while Lester was eliminated in 4th and took down $132,813. 

Here are the Three handed chip counts:

Jeff Lisandro -- $1,995,000
Allen Cunningham -- $1,660,000
Humberto Brenes -- $325,000

Hour Three Update

Play has been slow to say the least.  We have yet to lose a player this level.  Players just took an unscheduled 15 minute break, and play has been restarted. 

Gavin Griffin Eliminated 7th ($58,924)
Gavin Griffin raised to $120,000 and Lisandro made the call.  The flop comes Q92, and Griffin pushed all in.  Lisandro made the call with KJ and Griffin showed down A10.  The next two cards came J8 giving Lisandro the flush and the pot.  Lisandro now $1,550,000 in chips.
Player Tags: Jeffrey Lisandro,   Gavin Griffin

Hour Two Update

Play has been surprisingly slow so far.  Only one bust in a level and a half.   As the blinds go up expect that to change very quickly.

Keith Lehr Eliminated 8th ($43,959)
Lehr raised to to $60,000, Jeffrey Lisandro smooth called as did Gavin Griffin.  The flop came 876 and Griffin led for $150,000.  Lehr moved all in for $215,000 and Lisandro pushed over the top with Lehr covered.  Griffin folded and Lisandro tabled QQ.  Lehr showed 1010 and needed some help.  He didn't get it when the next two cards came 76, and Lehr was sent home with a $43,959 payday.  Lisandro now was over $750,000 in chips.

Humberto Doubles
Humberto Brenes raised to to $60,000 from the button and Lisandro reraised $140,000 more.  Brenes moved all in with AQ and Lisandro made the call with A3. Brenes claimed the shark told him a queen was coming, but it was apparently misinformed because the board came 775J10. Brenes hand held and he doubled up to $820,000.  After the hand Lisandro's section booed Brenes, and in true form he booed them right back.


Hour One Update

Sweet Cranium Accessories (Yes, that is a Mitch Hedberg reference) :
Aside from the usual poker site headgear, two players have some interesting head wear.  Allen Jaffray is wearing a nice black lady's hat with a red flower, it looks more like something that Allyn Jaffrey Shulman would wear.  Apparently it was worn by Steve Sun when he won the 2000 Tournament of Champions and Jaffary hoped to pick up a little more luck by wearing it today.  Gavin Griffin has once again dyed his hair pink in support of breast cancer.  His girlfriend is a survivor and rumor is the money he has received for wearing Pokerstars gear at the final table will be donated to charity.

Who is the King?
Humberto Brenes raised and Jason Lester reraised to $170,000.  Brenes called going all in for his last $156,000.  Lester tables JJ, and Brenes raised his two cards in the air and yelled, "Who is the king!"  He then plopped two black kings, KK down on the felt sparking the crowd to go wild.  The board came 8227.  On the river some of the crowd started chanting, "Jack, Jack, Jack,"  Brenes pointed his shark at them then jabbed in a fencer's pose.  The river was the 10, Brenes' kings held and he doubled up to over $310,000.

Rio Media Connection Down
The wireless Internet connection at the Rio is down, luckily coverage of this event is off an air card and therefore will continue uninterrupted.

Break and Color Up
There has been a break. 

Out of Magic?
Alan Jaffray has been eliminated 9th for $31,800.  He raised to $70,000 and Gavin Griffin reraised to $150,000.  Jaffray pushed all in with AJ and Griffin called with KK.  The board came 9548J, Jaffray cannot beat kings and is sent home in 9th place.  

Event #13 Pot-Limit Hold'em Final Table Underway.

The final table of the Pot-Limit Hold'em is underway.  Its a star studded table including big names Gavin Griffin, Allen Cunningham and Humberto Brenes.  The rail is packed, and one particular area is very lively, possibly due to the adult beverages each one of them is holding.  Here are the chip counts for the remaining nine players:

Jeff Lisandro (982,000), Joe Patrick (631,000), Travis Rice ($544,000), Gavin Griffin ($524,000) Allen Cunningham ($346,000), Jason Lester ($295,000), Alan Jaffray (254,000), Humberto Brenes (225,000), and Keith Lehr ($182,000).

This final table is set up to be a great one, stay tuned to for hourly updates.
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