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Buy-In: $1,500
Prize Pool: $1,947,855
Entrants: 1427

Event 12 - No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed

  • Jun 07, '07 - Jun 09, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jun 09, 07)


Jason Warner Wins Event 12 ($481,698)

Zeitlin made his move earlier in the day on this hand against David Mitchell-Lolis.  On a flop of 6 4 3 , Zeitlin moved all in with 6 4 , and was called by Mitchell Lolis with 7 5, the nut straight.  Zeitlin stood up and started to retrieve his personal belongings.  But the turn brought the 6 , filling Zeitlin up.  He won the hand and shortly thereafter picked up pocket queens and took the chip lead. Zeitlin would carry the lead until the heads up battle and his fateful run in with. 
Heads up play began with Zeitlin holding a $2,900,000 to $1,300,000 chip lead.  Warner limped on the button with 55  and Zeitlin raised to $300,000.  Warner moved all in and Zeitlin made the call with 77.  The flop came K109 and Zeitlin was still in command.  The turn was the Q giving Warner outs to a split, but Zeitlin was still just one card away from winning a World Series of Poker bracelet.  The river came a devastating 5, giving Warner a set and the pot.  He went from one card away from elimination to chip leader.  Zeitlin was not able to recover after the loss.  He was eventually busted on the final hand of the tournament. 
With Zeitlin down to his last $600,000 he moved all in preflop with Q4 and Warner called with A8.  The first four cards came 9734 , and Zeitlin was just one card away from doubling.  The river again catches Warner up when it comes 6.  Warner makes the best hand and wins the pot and the tournament. Zeitlin’s second place finish earned him $269,778.  Warner takes home the money, the bracelet and bragging rights over Canadian second place finishers Gavin Smith and Greg Mueller.  


Hour Four Update

Warner Crippled
On a flop of QQJ, Jason Warner leads with 7-7 and David Zeitlin moves all in with Q9 and Warner makes the call.  The next two cards brick out and Warner is left with very few chips. 

David Mitchell Lolis Eliminated 4th ($123,689)
Daivd Mitchell Lolis moves all in under the gun for his last $300,000 with K5 and is called by David Zeitlin with A6.  The board comes 642104, Mitchell Lolis can't improve and is sent home in 4th place with $123,689.

Three Handed Chip Counts
Here are the chip counts going into three handed play

David Zeitlin -- $2,900,000
Jason Warner -- $689,000
Steven Olek -- $590,000

Steven Olek Eliminated 3rd ($186,020)
David Zeitlin raises with A10 and Steven Olek moves all in with K10.  Zeitlin pondered briefly then made the call.  The board came 10732Q, Olek doesn't improve and is sent packing 3rd place for $186,020.

The players are taking a short break before heads up play begins.
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Hour Three Update

Blinds Raised
The blinds have been raised to $10,000-$20,000 with a $5,000 ante.

Lets Go All In
David Zeitlin has gone all in 4 hands in a row and won every pot without seeing a flop.

Warner Makes Nice Bluff
David Mitchell Lolis raises to $100,000 with 77 and is called by Jason Warner from the big blind.  Warner checks his A2 when the flop J105 and Mitchell Lolis checks behind.  The turn is the 3, Warner checks and Mitchell Lolis bets $200,000.  Warner check raises to $500,000 and Mitchell Lolis lays his hand down.  Warner mucks his and and keeps Mitchell Lolis guessing.

From Rags to Riches
After playing on the short stack all day, David Zeitlin has made his move.  On a flop of 643, Zeitlin moves all in with 64, and is called by Mitchell Lolis with 75 the nut straight.  Zeitlin stands up and starts retrieving his personal belongings.  The turn brings the 6, and Zeitlin fills up.  He doubles up and shortly thereafter he picks up queens and takes the chip lead.


Hour Two Update

Chip Counts
Here are the chip counts from the final table. 

Jason Warner -- $2,300,000
David Mitchell-Lolis -- $1,250,000
David Zeitlin -- $540,000
Steve Olek -- $320,000

Olek Gets Huge Double Up
Steve Olek and Jason Warner have tangled in a number of big hands, but their last one has clearly changed the course of momentum in the tournament.  Warner limped from under the gun and Olek raised $100,000.  Warner limp reraised to $350,000.  Olek thought for a while then called.  The flop came 1092 and Olek moved all in.  Warner made the call with 44 and Olek tabled A9.  He pumped his fist in victory, but that quickly changed when the turn was the 4.  Warner spiked his two outer and took the lead in the hand.  Olek still had a redraw to the nut flush, and hit hit it when the river came 5.  Olek not only took down the pot, he also secured momentum going into the break.

Players are on a 20 minute break

Hour One Update

Brian Miller Eliminated 6th ($61,357)
On a board of 8773K, Brian Miller makes a huge all in bet with A6.  Chip leader Jason Warner made the call with K10 and sent Miller home in 6th place with $61,357.

Matt Brady Eliminated 5th ($92,523)
On the next hand after Miller elimination, Matt Brady moved all in from the button with K6.  Warner thinks only briefly then makes the call with A6.  The board comes 764Q10, Brady fails to improve and is sent home in 5th place for $92,523.

Warner Rolling
Jason Warner has been crushing the table, and now has a dominating chip lead over every player on the table.

Blinds Raised
The blinds are now $15,000-$30,000 with a $4,000 ante.

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Final Table Underway

The final table of the $1,500 NLHE is underway.  Here are the final table players and chip counts:

Jason Warner -- $945,000
David Zeitlin -- $899,000
Brian Miller -- $831,000
David Mitchell-Lolis -- $736,000
Steve OLek. -- $484,000
Matt Brady -- $381,000.
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