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Buy-In: $5,000
Prize Pool: $846,000
Entrants: 180

Event 11 - World Championship Seven Card Stud

  • Jun 06, '07 - Jun 08, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jun 08, 07)


Chris Reslock Wins Event #11 ($258,453)

David Oppenheim Eliminated 3rd ($93,060)
David Oppenheim has been eliminated by Chris Reslock.  They got it all in on 4th street and Reslock ended up hitting two pair nines and duces to knock out Oppenheim.  He takes home $93,060 for his efforts.

Heads Up Play
Phil Ivey is going heads up in attempt to win his sixth WSOP bracelet.  Chris Reslock has the chip lead going into heads up play with about $1,400,000 to $325,000. 

Chris Reslock Wins Event #11 ($258,453)
Phil Ivey raises to $30,000 with the 8, and Reslock reraises to $60,000 showing 4.  Ivey reraises to 90,000.  Reslock makes the call and gets the 10 on 4th street.  Ivey bets 30 with the Q and Reslock raises.  Ivey makes the call and gets the 8 on 5th street, he leads $60,000 and Reslock raises to $120,000 with the K.  Ivey makes the call, and bets $60,000 on 6th street when he gets the 9.  Reslock raises to $120,000 with the 2.  Ivey makes the call, and 7th street is delt.  Reslock tables KJ10101042 for trip tens.  Ivey shows Q98877, takes his last down card and fires it into the muck, giving Reslock the tournament and bracelet. Ivey wins $143,820 for his efforts.
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Hour Three Update

Ivey Loses Big Pot
The pot is three bet preflop with Phil Ivey showing 9 and Chris Reslock the 5.  4th street comes 3 for Ivey and 4 for Reslock.  Ivey checks Reslock bets and Ivey calls.  5th street brings Reslock the A and he bets with Ivey receiving the 5.  Ivey again calls and gets the A on 6th street. Reslock's bets with the Q, and Ivey calls. 7th street is dealt again Reslock bets and Ivey calls.  Reslock shows down (KKQ)AQ54 for two pair and he takes down the pot.

Oppenheim Wins Big Pot 
David Oppenheim has just won a $500,000+ pot.

Pat Pezzin Eliminated 4th ($61,335)
David Oppenheim posts the bring in with the 10 and Pezzin raises with a showing.  Oppenheim three bets to put Pezzin all in and he calls.  Pezzin is all in with JJ3 and Oppenheim 1066.  Pezzin ends up with AJJ933X and Oppenheim shows down 10986663 trip sixes.  Oppenheim takes down the pot and eliminates Pezzin in $4th place for a $61,335 payday.

Blinds Raised
The blinds are now $7,000 ante, $10,000 bring in, $30,000 completion and $30,000-$60,000 limits.

Fold Fest
As is often the case in seven card stud tournaments, three handed play has been tight.  There has often been a raise on 3rd street and two folds.

Reslock Strikes
Chris Reslock completes with the 10, and David Oppenheim raises with the A
Reslock calls and 4th street comes 9 for Reslock and 4 for Oppenheim.  Oppenheim checks, Reslock bets and Oppenheim calls.  5th street comes 5 Reslock, 10 Oppenheim.  Oppenheim checks, Reslock bets and Oppenheim calls.  6th is 3 Reslock, 3 Oppenheim.  This time Oppenheim bets and Reslock calls.  7th street is dealt, Oppenheim checks, Reslock bets and Oppenheim calls.  Reslock tables JJ109953, his two pair is good and he takes down a large pot.

Two hands later Oppenheim is all in and he doubles through Reslock. 
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Hour Two Update- Technical Trouble

Sometimes It's Not Your Day
Access issues and technical trouble continue to plague's coverage of this event.  We are currently 4 handed, with Phil Ivey, Pat Pezzin, David Oppenheim, and Chris Reslock remaining.

Theo Jorgensen Eliminated 5th ($46,530)
Jorgensen has been eliminated when his two pair ran into a king high flush.  He takes home $46,530. 

Hour One Update

Blinds Raised
With seven players remaining the blinds have been raised to $3,000 ante,  $5,000 bring in, $15,000 completion and $15,000-$30,000 betting. 

Big Pros Battle
Ted Lawson posts the $3,000 bring in with the 3, Phil Ivey completes showing the 10 and David Oppenheim calls with the 9.  4th street brings Ivey the J,Oppenheim the J, Ivey bets and Oppenheim calls.  5th street sends Ivey the Q and Oppenheim the 7.  Ivey again bets and Oppenheim calls.  6th street gives Ivey the J and Oppenheim the the 6.  Again it goes bet-call and seventh street is dealt.  Ivey checks and Oppenheim bets.  Ivey tanks then finally makes the call.  Oppenheim shows down (875)J976 for the nine high straight.  Ivey mucks and Oppenhiem takes down a huge pot.

Two Busts
Oriane Teysseire has been eliminated in 7th place for $27,072 and Ted Lawson has busted in 6th place for $35,532.

Go Phil Ivey
Eli Elezra is in the stands and at one point yelled, "Go Phil Ivey!" getting a laugh from Ivey and Oppenheim.

Due technical difficulties the rest of the hour one post has been lost.  Our apologies.

Event 11 Final Table Underway

Final Table Begins
The final table of Event #11, $5,000 seven card stud is underway.  Marco Traniello has already busted in 8th place for a $19,458 payday.  Because the table is not televised, the normal televison moniters that supply information to the Media pool is not running.  Access is very limited, but will do its best to provide the best coverage we can.  Phil Ivey, Ted Lawson, and David Oppenheim are still in.  We are playing $2,000 ante, $3,000 bring in with a $10,000 bring it.  Betting is $10,000-$20,000.  

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