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Buy-In: $5,000
Prize Pool: $2,891,000
Entrants: 145
Rebuys: 421

Event 7 - Pot-Limit Omaha

  • Jun 04, '07 - Jun 06, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jun 06, 07)


Burt Boutin Wins Event #7

Heads up play has begun, here are the chip counts

Eric Cajelais -- $3,200,000
Burt Boutin -- $2,460,000

Both players wasted no time gunning for the bracelet and the first hand of heads up play was a monster  On a flop of A82, Boutin bets and Cajelais raises $375,000.  Boutin instantly reraises to $1,000,000 and Cajelais reraises all in.  Boutin insta-calls and tables AKQ6 for top pair with the nut flush draw.  Cajelais tables 8855, for top set.  Boutin looked intense as his crowd eruptes calling for a spade.  The turn brought the 3, and Boutin raised his arm in triumph.  He ran to his side of the arena and was enveloped by his spectators.  He emerged in time for the announcer to remind him that the hand wasn't over, and he could still lose if Cajelais made a full house .  That wasn't the case however when the river came the Q.  Boutin once again raised his arms in celebration and the noise was deafening.  He now holds a $4,900,000 to $760,000 chip lead as play continues.  

Burt Boutin Wins Event #7 Pot Limit Omaha
Less then 10 hands into heads up play Erik Cajelais raises the pot and Boutin calls.  The flop comes AJ5, Cajelais moves all in and Boutin calls with AQ87.  Cajelais tables AQ103 and at the moment they are splitting the pot.  That all changes on the turn when it comes 7 giving Boutin two pair.  The river is the 4, and Boutin wins the gold bracelet and $825,956.  Cajelais takes home second place good for $483,775. 
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Hour Six Update

David "Devilfish" Ulliott Eliminated 3rd ($332,582)
Devilfish makes the call on the button and Erik Cajelais raises the pot to $240,000.  Devilfish makes the call and the flop comes 862.  Cajelais bets the pot again, $720,000 and Devilfish moves all in for $420,000 more.  Cajelais makes the call with AJ108 and Devilfish tables J1097 for a straight and flush draw.  The next two card are massive bricks, 32 and Devilfish is eliminated 3rd for ($332,582)

Heads Up Play
Heads up play between Erik Cajelais and Burt Boutin will begin at 9pm.  Players are on dinner break until then.
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Hour Five Update

The players are on a 15 minute break. 

Blinds Raised
The blinds have been raised to $40,000-$80,000.  Here are the current chip counts

Burt Boutin -- $1,850,000
Sirous Jamshidi -- $890,000
David Ulliot -- $895,000
Erik Cajelais -- $2,230,000

More Redbull?
David "Devilfish" Ulliot its enjoying Burt Boutin's antics at the final table.  Every time he has an opponent all in, he walks around manically.  That prompted Devilfish to quip sarcastically, "I think this guy needs some more Redbull." 

Sirous Jamshidi Eliminated 4th ($230,883)
Erik Cajelais raises to $240,000 and Jamshidi calls from the big blind.  The flop comes 872, and Jamshidi moves all in for a little more the $400,000.  Cajelais makes the call with Q975 and Jamshidi tables KK75.   The turn is the A and Jamshidi is still ahead, but the river brings the A giving Cajelas the flush and the pot.  Jamshidi takes home $230,883 for his efforts.


Hour Four Update

Devilfish Doubles Up
David "Devilfish" Ulliot pushes all in on the next hand after he was knocked down to $155,000 in chips.  Sirous Jamshidi makes the call from the big blind with AAJ5, and Devilfish tables KK99.  The flop comes 985, Devilfish spikes a set of nines, and takes a commanding lead in the hand.  The next two cards come 63 and the Devilfish doubles up.

Devilfish Doubles Up....Again
In a battle between the same players, Devilfish is all in for his last $160,000 against Jamshidi preflop.  Devilfish has KK97 and Jamshidi AJQ3.  The board comes 87536 and Devilfish doubles up again.

Devilfish Doubles Up... Part Three
Devifish moves all in for $410,000 from the big blind, and is called by Erik Cajelais with 6654.  Devilfish shows AAJ8 and the board comes AQ76J.  Devilfish's set of aces is good and he doubles up.  He is back in the running once again.

Minh Ly Eliminated 5th ($174,537)
With a raise already in the pot, Minh Ly moves all in for his last $520,000.  Erik Cajelais makes the call with AK93 and Ly shows down AQ109.  The flop comes KQ5, and Cajelais flops the nut flush.  The turn is the 2, and Ly is drawing dead.  The river is a meaningless 6, and Ly is sent home in 5th place for $174,537.

Here are the chip counts going into four handed play:

Burt Boutin -- $1,700,000
Sirous Jamshidi -- $1,100,000
David "Devilfish" Ulliot -- $725,000
Erik Cajelais -- $2,135,000


Hour Three Update

John Juanda Eliminated 7th ($107,196)

Erik Cajelais raises to $120,000 and John Juanda moves all in for $215,000 more.  Cajelais makes the call and tables KQ1010.  Juanda shows AA88, and the pot is worth over $700,000 chips.  The board comes J954Q, Cajelais rivers his straight and sends Juanda packing in 7th place for $107,196.

Sirous Jamshidi
Doubles Up Before Break
Jamshidi raises the pot to $140,000 and David "Devilfish" Ulliott makes the call.  The flop comes 1043, Jamshidi checks and Devilfish bets the pot, $340,000.  Jamshidi makes the call and the turn is 4.  Both players check and the river comes J, Jamshidi goes all in and Devilfish calls.  Jamshidi shows AA3X, and Devilfish mucks his hand into the board.  


The players are on a 15 minute break.  When they return the blinds will be $30,000-$60,000. 

Larry Jonsson Eliminated 6th ($144,682)
Larry Jonnson calls and Sirous Jamshidi raises the pot to $210,000.  Jonnson calls and the flop calls 875 and Jonnson moves all in for his last $225,000.  Jamshidi gets out of his chair, then calls.  He shows down AAJ3 and Jonnson has 10997.  The turn and river come 2J, Jamshidi makes the nut flush and takes down the pot.  Jonnson is eliminated in 6th place for a $144,682 payday.  

Boutin Wins Huge Double Up
On a flop of J76, Minh Ly bets and Burt Boutin raises the pot to $390,000.  Devilfish goes all in, Ly folds and Boutin makes the call.  He tables 10875 and Devilfish shows 9876.  Boutin is drawing to a 9 for the win.  The turn is the 9, and the river is the Q.  Boutin wins a huge hand and knocks Devilfish down to just $155,000 in chips.


Hour Two Update

Always the Professional
Humberto Brenes is showing why he is such a fan favorite.  With the other players on break, Brenes is standing next to the final table posing for pictures and shaking hands with fans.  The crowd is already clearly in his favor, and the generosity with his time will only make them louder. 

Blinds Raised

The blinds are now $20,000-$40,000

Humberto Brenes has been eliminated in 8th place for $79,710.  David "The Devilfish" Ulliott calls from the cutoff and Erik Cajelais calls on the button.  Brenes raises the pot to $105,000, both Cajelais and Devilfish call.  The flop comes 642, and Brenes moves all in for his last $100,000 first to act.  Devilfish makes the call and shows QQ76 and Brenes shows AK85.  The next two cards come 9Q and Brenes doesn't improve.  He is sent home in 8th place with a $79,710 payday.

Light Crowd
The crowd for the televised table is unusually small, possibly because the game is Omaha not Texas hold'em.  Devilfish did successfully drum up some support from the crowd, yelling, "How bout it for Devilfish" after he won a medium sized pot from Erik Cajelais.

Small Pots
No one is giving an inch in this final table.  Most pots are not going past preflop, and the ones that have rarely made it past the flop.  There is currently 14 minutes remaining in the level.  

Burt Boutin Doubles Up
Boutin limps preflop and Devilfish raises to $180,000.  Boutin makes the call and the flop comes A92.  Boutin moves all in for his last $265,000 and Devilfish makes the call immeditly.  Boutin shows down A9106 and Devilfish AK63.  Boutin has to dodge any club or a king.  The turn is the 8 and the river is the 3, Devilfish doesn't hit and Boutin doubles up.  

Hour One Update

Shuffle Up and Deal:
Cards are finally in the air for event 7. 

Not Wasting Any Time:
The blinds started at $15,000-$30,000 and on the first hand of the final table there was major action.  Robin Keston and Sirous Jamshidi limped and John Juanda checked his big blind.  The flop came QQ8, and Juanda lead for $60,000.  Keston made the call and the turn was the 10.  Juanda moved all in and Keston went into the tank.  He called the clock on himself, and finally made the call with KK66.  Juanda tabled Q763 and the river came 5.  Juanda's hand held up and he doubled at the expense of Keston.

Robin Keston Eliminated 9th ($60,711)
With Keston losing most of his chip stack on the first hand, he wasted no time in getting all in on the second one.   Minh Ly raised to $50,000 and Keston moved all in for $115,000.  Sirous Jamshidi raised to $300,000 and Ly made the call, committing his last $240,000.  Ly tabled AA77, Jamshidi AAJ2 and Keston KK86.  The board came 109236, Ly and Jamshidi split the pot, eliminating Keston in 9th place for $60,711.

Pace Yourself...
After a quick start of two all ins in the first two hands play has already slowed down.  Players have tightned up, and there has been much more limping then raising preflop.  Humberto Brenes' sharks are still caged on his drink table, and the only hand he played was out of the small blind.

The end of the level has been reached and the players are on a 5 min break.


Final Table Set to Begin

The final table for Event #7 is set to begin.  Here are chip counts by seating assignment:

Seat 1- Humberto Brenes -- $200,000
Seat 2-John Juanda -- $256,000
Seat 3- Larry Jonsson -- $800,000
Seat 4- Minh Ly -- $365,000
Seat 5- Burt Boutin -- $262,000
Seat 6- Robin Keston -- $135,000
Seat 7- Sirous Jamshidi -- $353,000
Seat 8- David "Devilfish" Ulliot - $1,700,000
Seat 9- Eric Cajelais -- $1,020,000

Once again the field of the final table is stacked with top pros.  Humberto Brenes is here along with his shark and he said, "Today he's very hungry."  Everyone in the ESPN area is ready for a show.  The crowd is filing in and the camera crews are making final adjustments to their equipment, cards should be in the air by 3pm.  
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