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Buy-In: $1,500
Prize Pool: $1,365,000
Entrants: 910

Event 6 - Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 04, '07 - Jun 06, '07


Updates on Final Day (Jun 06, 07)


Gary Styczynski Wins Event #6 (280,715)

Nine players remained at the start of the final day in Event #6. The $1,500 limit hold 'em had a first-place prize of $280,715 and a coveted gold bracelet on the line. These nine emerged from a field of 910 players that pumped the prize pool to $1.2 million. Here is how things looked when they took their seats:

Seat One: Michael Banks — $134,000
Seat Two: Varouzhan Gumroyan — $148,000
Seat Three: James Gorham — $632,000
Seat Four: Gary Styczynski — $817,000
Seat Five: Hansu Chu — $389,000
Seat Six: Pete O'Donnell — $55,000
Seat Seven: Soheil Shamseddin — $298,000
Seat Eight: Dariush Imani — $109,000
Seat Nine: James Holland — $163,000

Two players fell during the first hour of action and the first of these was Dariush Imani, who was eliminated in ninth place ($16,148). Imani held pocket tens, but they were no match for the pocket aces of his opponent. Pete O'Donnell sang his swan song next with pocket sixes a few hands later. He was called down by Varouzhan Gumroyan, who held pocket tens. O'Donnell's was sent to the rail eighth place ($22,359) when a ten hit on the flop.

Gary Styczynski drew his first blood of the day when he eliminated Michael Banks in seventh place ($30,433). Banks held AQ, which dominated the KQ of Stycznski.  The flop was dealt AQJ. No help was delivered on the turn (2), but the 10 on the river gave Styczynski the straight.

James Holland was close to all in on a flop of Q97 and Gumroyan made the call. Another queen hit on the turn and Gorham pushed all in for what he had left. He then turned over pocket kings. A strong hand indeed, but not strong enough to beat the AQ that Gumroyan turned over. The river changed nothing and Holland was eliminated in sixth place ($40,991). Styczynski then made his presence felt at the table by eliminating James Gorman (5th - $53,412) and Sheil Shamseddin (4th - $75,771) in succession.

With action down to three handed, Hansu Chu moved all in A3 against Gumroyan. Chu was in dire straights when Gumroyan turned over A10. The board was dealt Q10782 and Chu was eliminated in third place ($114,278). Action was now heads-up and here is how the chip stacks looked at this crossroad:

Gary Styczynski: $1,375,000
Varouzhan Gumroyan: $1,325,000

Styczynski jumped out to the early lead, and at one point he had infused his stack with $2.1 million in chips. Gumroyan was not about to go quietly into the night and fought back to even. Each heads-up match has a tuning point, where the balance of the match hangs on the outcome of one hand. Such a hand took place with a board of AKJQ7 sitting on the felt. Things got interesting on the river. Gumroyan fired out $120,000 and Styczynski popped it up to $240,000. Gumroyan made it $360,000 to go and Styczynski four-bet things up to $480,000. Gumroyan made the call and flipped over102. Styczynski turned over Q8 and took down the pot with the nut flush.

 The final hand came down a few minute later when Gumroyan moved all with a flop of 1095 sitting on the board. Styczynski called and flipped over J8. Gumroyan turned over A4 and the turn and river cards were dealt QJ. Styczynski won the gold bracelet in the $1500 Limit Hold 'Em bracelet and took home the first-place prize of $280,715. Gumroyan took home $177,627 in prize money for his second place finish.

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