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Buy-In: $3,000 + $120
Prize Pool: $942,840
Entrants: 324

No-Limit Hold'em Event 9

  • Apr 16, '07 - Apr 17, '07


Updates on Final Day (Apr 17, 07)


Peter Feldman Eliminated 4th ($55,025)

Peter Feldman led $45,000 on a flop of QTK and Anna Wroblewski re-raised all in.  Feldman called and tabled QT but was behind Wroblewski's KQ for top two. The turn was the A and Feldman picked up 4 outs to a spit if any jack came.  The river was the 4 and Feldman was sent to the rail in 4th place with $55,025.

Jonathan Dull Takes Big Pot From Abel Meijberg

On a 664 flop, Abel Meijberg bets $30,000.  Jonathan Dull calls.  The 3 turn leads to an $80,000 bet by Dull.  Meijberg calls.  When the A comes on the river, Dull bets $80,000.  Meijberg calls, but mucks when Dull shows the 87.

Chip Count Update

Abel Meijberg - S550,000
Jonathan Dull - $510,000
Anna Wroblewski - $500,000
Peter Feldman - $325,000

Break Time

Event 9 players are currently on a break.

Colin Gordon Eliminated 5th ($41,820)

On a 9754 board, Colin Gordon bets $30,000 and Peter Feldman calls.  the river brings the 5.  Gordon moves all in, and after a couple of minutes in the tank, Feldman makes the call.  Gordon insta-mucks.  Feldman flips over the A8,  Gordon says he couldn't beat that hand, and takes home 5th place.

Casper Dahl Hansen Eliminated 6th ($31,105)

Casper Dahl Hansen moved all in with AT and was called by Peter Feldman with KQ.  The board came Q96K3 and Hansen was sent to the rail with $31,105.

Thomas Koral Eliminated 7th ($22,935)

Thomas Koral raises$40,000 from under the gun.  Jonathan Dull reraises all in.  Action folds to Koral, who calls all in.  Dull turns over the QQ and Koral shows the AQ.  The board brings the K7355 and Koral is eliminated.

Blinds Increase

Blinds are now $4,000 - $8,000 with a $1,000 ante.

Erick Lindgren Eliminated 8th ($18,345)

Anna Wroblewski raised to $23,000 and Erick Lindgren re-raised to 65,000 and Wroblewski called.  The flop came K92 and Wroblewski put Lindgren all in.  He went into the tank and called with J7.  Warblewski tabled AK and the next two cards came A2.  Lindgren finished in 8th place for $18,345.

Richard Talerico Eliminated 9th ($14,675)

Anna Wroblewski limps from late position and Richard Talerico moves all in.  Wroblewski calls.  Talerico shows the AQ and Wroblewski takes a commanding lead with the AA.  The board brings the 94343 and Talerico is eliminated from the tournament.
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